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FuzziBunz® Size Chart


This is a NEW and UPDATED size chart - the sizes and construction of FuzziBunz® have not changed!









4 -12 lbs

7 - 18 lbs

15 - 30 lbs

25 - 45+ lbs

20 - 30 lbs

45+ lbs

Average Build

7 - 18 lbs

15 - 32 lbs

30 - 45 lbs

Larger Build

7 - 16 lbs

12 - 30 lbs

25 - 45 lbs

Baby's Age

Pre - 4 mos

0 - 8 mos

6 - 36 mos

12+ mos

12+ mos

2+ yrs


4 - 6 in

5 - 10 in

9 - 13 in

12 - 16 in

9 - 12 in

15 - 18 in


12 in

13 in

15 in

16 in

16 in

18 in



The weight range from and to FuzziBunz® will fit

Average Build

Babies within the "average" range of the growth chart

Larger Build

Babies who fall in the 80+ percentile on the growth chart

Baby's Age

On average, what age range of baby each size FuzziBunz® will fit


Approximate thigh measurements that each size FuzziBunz® will fit


The length of the diaper from front waist to back waist

Babies come in all different shapes and sizes. A baby that may weigh 15 pounds may be very different in size and shape than their same weight counterpart of another age. FuzziBunz® have designed what they feel to be a very comprehensive and liberal size chart. FuzziBunz® have taken size data from over 120 babies of all different shapes, sizes, weights and ages to determine their size chart - FuzziBunz® hope that it will be helpful to you in choosing thecorrect size for your baby.

Measuring Your Baby

To measure your baby's thighs

Measure where the elastic of a diaper would normally be - around the meatiest part of the baby's thigh.

To measure your baby's rise

Measure from mid-back at the waistline to slightly below his belly where his/her diaper normally would come up to.

Please note: These measurements take into consideration only one insert in the FuzziBunz® at a time. Always try your new FuzziBunz® on your baby with an insert for size before washing / using.

Here is some additional information for you to use in trying to choose the best size for your baby:

XS FuzziBunz®
Are for either preemie or very small babies - they will fit newborns very well, however, not for a very long time.

Small FuzziBunz®
Will fit babies that are newborn (although they may be a tad big at first) through about 6 or 8 months age when they are ready for the mediums.

Medium FuzziBunz®
Will fit babies with either small or large thighs. Medium is our most popular size because babies stay in this size the longest! They will fit babies from about 4 months old (depending on their growth rate and size build) up to potty training stages.

Large FuzziBunz®
Will generally not start fitting your baby until at the very least, 12 months old or are in the weight range or very tall.

Petite Toddler and XL FuzziBunz®
Are specialty sizes. The petite toddler has the rise of the large to give your child coverage they need, and smaller legs than the mediums for those thinner thighs.Mediums have been found from our size testing to fit better and for longer periods.

XL -The Extra Large are a BIG diaper made specially for toddlers with very large builds or older children. 
For The Monster carries most colors in stock. For The Monster also carries all colors offered in small, medium, large,


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