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Stacinator Care Information

Caring for your Stacinator Fleece and So Simple

The Stacinator fleece is 100% polyester, which  allows superior air circulation. This is why it works so well as a fabric for a diaper cover. We all know how much wetness our babies create, the fleece allows air to circulate through the cover and therefore, reduces diaper rash caused by prolonged exposure to wetness. The Stacinator fleece is soft to the touch, dries in a flash, and can withstand laundry abuse.

Ok...this just couldn't be any easier. Machine wash in Warm water, cold, or hot. Tumble dry.

Fleece is the wonder fabric. Dryer sheets can help to make it even more water resistant. This improves the performance. The manufacturer suggest this as a last resort though if you have some leaking. I normally wash my covers with any old load of laundry as long as it isn't really soiled and needs special attention.  There is almost no wrong way to wash fleece.

Tip from the manufacturer: If you suddenly find that your fleece is leaking, simply switch laundry soaps (use Dr.Bronner's for a change or even mild dish soap). This should solve the problem. If it doesn't, Nikwax products will come to the rescue.

Caring for your Stacinator Wool covers

Hand wash your Stacinator wool cover in cold water with like colors. Hang to dry. You may have a bit of shrinkage after the first washing. You may re-lanolize as needed. The manufacturer recommends using Eucalan wool wash to care for your covers. It has natural lanolin right in the bottle. You never have to worry about when to lanolize. It is done for you each time you wash.

**Note** Dark colored wool will bleed.
*tip from manufacturer* For bleeding wool, mix 3 cups white vinegar with 3tbsp salt, wet wool in lukewarm water, add to vinegar/salt mixture. Microwave for two, 3minute sessions. Allow to COMPLETELY cool, rinse in lukewarm water, wash, re-lanolize. (if you rinse before allowing to completely cool, you may unintentionally felt your garment)

Size Chart For Stacinator Products

6-10 lbs.
6" - 8"
10-15 lbs.
8" - 10"
15-20 lbs.
10 - 12"
20-30 lbs.
11" - 13"
30 + lbs.
12" - 14"


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