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FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

What are FuzziBunz® diapers?

FuzziBunz® cloth diapers aren’t simply a gimmicky product with a cute name and an adorable appearance, they’re practical, comfortable, ecologically friendly and economical too. As we become ever more conscious of living a more organic and green life the sway toward a modern version of traditional-style fabric diapers is a big one. More and more moms and dads these days are looking at cloth diapering for their little ones. And the new improved FuzziBunz® range is one of the best.

FAQs about FuzziBunz® Cloth Diapers

Q. There’s one thing that puts me off traditional diapers – pins! Do I need pins with FuzziBunz®? By the way, I am a new mom.

A. We understand your concern – a wriggling infant and sharp diaper pins – not a good mix, especially for the inexperienced cloth diapering parent. The good news is that you don’t need pins at all with FuzziBunz® as they have a built in baby-safe snaps or ‘popper’ system.

Q. Are FuzziBunz® diapers suitable for premature babies?

A. Yes. FuzziBunz® do a preemie size so there’s no need to worry about the littlest of little ones being swamped by overlarge diapers. They’re wonderfully soft too – ideal for the ‘early bird baby’ who might have extra sensitive skin.

Q.I’m worried about leakage when using cloth diapers, how effective are FuzziBunz® when it comes to leaks?

A. As the many parents who use FuzziBunz® cloth diapers will confirm, the product has always been very effective, but the new improved version boasts high-stretch elastic on the seams, larger tabs for better grip and sag prevention, and the seams are double stitched for extra reinforcement. These new features are incorporated with the ‘leak problem’ in mind.

Q. This might seem like a frivolous question but aren’t cloth diapers impractical seeing as baby clothes these days are designed with slim line disposable nappies or diapers in mind?

A. It’s not a frivolous question at all, we all want our babies to look lovely and feel comfortable. However, while the old style cloth diapers may have been bulky, FuzziBunz® are much less so and are perfect for use with modern baby clothes.

FuzziBunz® Cloth Diapers come in five different sizes:

Not every diaper need be white! You can choose from the full range of wonderful solid colored and print FuzziBunz® that we stock. And, if you really want to make a statement about being a parent who’s a cloth diaper fan – look out for our FuzziBunz® prints.

Things look a little different here? Don’t worry, this just is a NEW and UPDATED Size Chart – rest assured, the sizes and construction of your favorite FuzziBunz® cloth diapers have not changed at all.











4 -12 lbs

7 - 18 lbs

15 - 30 lbs

25 - 45+ lbs

20 - 30 lbs

45+ lbs

Average Build


7 - 18 lbs

15 - 32 lbs

30 - 45 lbs



Larger Build


7 - 16 lbs

12 - 30 lbs

25 - 45 lbs



Baby`s Age

Pre - 4 mos

0 - 8 mos

6 - 36 mos

12+ mos

12+ mos

2+ yrs


4 - 6 in

5 - 10 in

15 in

16 in

16 in

18 in

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