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  • 11/1/2013
  • 8/23/2013
     Cloth Diapers are still popular
  • 8/2/2013
     August is here....WHAT!
  • 7/19/2013
     Fuzzi Bunz discontinuing colors so we are having a sale!
  • 6/3/2013
     June is here!
  • 4/29/2013
     Wrapping up April
  • 4/12/2013
     April news
  • 1/24/2013
     Welcome from the new Owner
  • 9/2/2012
     Buy 3 get 1 FREE Shell Sale!
  • 8/27/2012
     Smells Good Going IN,
  • 8/26/2012
     REMINDER: Refund Mondays!
  • 8/13/2012
  • 8/11/2012
     August NewsLetter
  • 8/10/2012
     New Bummis Pull-On
  • 7/17/2012
     Sweet Pea 25% off Sale
  • 6/18/2012
  • 5/25/2012
     Memorial Day and Moving Sale
  • 5/12/2012
     MOTHER'S DAY 2012
  • 1/13/2012
     Thirsites Duo AIO
  • 12/13/2011
  • 11/25/2011
     Black Friday SPECIALS
  • 9/16/2011
     BumGenius buy 5 get one free
  • 9/6/2011
     Sweet Pea Diapers 15% off
  • 9/2/2011
  • 7/26/2011
  • 6/30/2011
     Freedom Sale on FLIP!!
     More July 4th Sales!!
  • 6/26/2011
     Store Update
  • 6/21/2011
     Store Update
  • 6/11/2011
     Do you live in the state of Arkansas??
  • 4/10/2011
     Store Closed Until April 18, 2011
  • 3/23/2011
     Great Cloth Diaper Change April 23, 2011
  • 3/17/2011
     bumGenius! 4.0 Solid Color Sale!!
  • 1/22/2011
     Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds
  • 1/11/2011
     1st Quarter Sales!
  • 1/8/2011
     Welcome Knickernappies to For the Monster
  • 1/7/2011
     WIN A FREE DIAPER 1/7/11
  • 1/4/2011
     You can now follow us on
  • 12/25/2010
     Refund Monday Starting 1/3/2011
  • 12/24/2010
     End of Year Product Sales
  • 11/13/2010
     bumGenius AIO Buy 5 get 1 Free
  • 11/6/2010
     FuzziBunz Small and Medium Sale
     For the Monster has a retail location
     bumGenius 4.0 SALE!! buy 5 get 1 FREE
  • 9/19/2010
     Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys
     Rumparooz Prints
  • 9/4/2010
     Labor Day Weekend Sale!
  • 8/15/2010
     Swaddlebees and Blueberry
  • 8/7/2010
     Hard Rock Recall Information
  • 7/28/2010
  • 7/25/2010
     Thirsties Sale 10% OFF
  • 7/16/2010
     bumGenius 4.0 ready to ORDER
  • 6/30/2010
     Rockin Green Giveaway!!
  • 6/9/2010
     Shipping Delay
  • 6/6/2010
     Kissaluvs V2
  • 5/8/2010
     Mother's Day Sale!
  • 4/23/2010
     Grobaby Changing to GroVia
  • 4/19/2010
  • 3/31/2010
     Small Shipment of Rumparooz just came in!
  • 3/27/2010
     Happy Heiny's Cloth Diapers On SALE
  • 3/26/2010
     Quarterly Sale On Thirsties Products
  • 3/23/2010
     Many Many Updates and New Products
  • 3/13/2010
     Mini Bags and Large Organic Mama Pads Restocked
  • 2/23/2010
     GroBaby, Dream-Eze, Wonder Wraps
  • 2/20/2010
     Nursery Items Updated
  • 2/17/2010
     Bummis Order In
     FuzziBunz Order Arrived
  • 2/14/2010
     Up Dated Fabric For Crib Bedding
  • 2/12/2010
     bumGenius Order Arrived
  • 2/8/2010
     We are BACK HOME!
  • 2/6/2010
     Child Hospitalized
  • 2/1/2010
     Fuzzi Bunz
  • 1/26/2010
     Kissaluvs Fitteds Size 0, 1, 2 are 15% off
  • 1/22/2010
     Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted And Marvels Cover Sale
  • 1/21/2010
     New Products Coming IN!
  • 1/19/2010
     Be sure to follow us!
  • 1/15/2010
     Fuzzi Bunz Accessories 50% OFF!
  • 1/14/2010
     Try Rockin Green Soap Today
  • 1/13/2010
     Rockin' Green Laundry and Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • 1/11/2010
     Store Updates!
  • 12/29/2009
  • 12/25/2009
     bumGenius 3.0 - Buy 5 get 1 Free!
  • 12/11/2009
     Making ROOM! Thirsties Covers ON SALE
     Fuzzi Bunz Micro Fiber Inserts
  • 11/27/2009
  • 9/6/2009
  • 9/3/2009
  • 7/23/2009
  • 7/6/2009
     Busy Working!
  • 7/1/2009
  • 6/15/2009
     Fuzzi Bunz Mama Cloth
  • 4/24/2009
     Andrew's hand surgery
  • 1/29/2009
  • 1/18/2009
  • 12/30/2008
     Accepting American Express
     Accepting American Express
  • 12/10/2008
     Fuzzi Bunz Accessories and MORE
  • 12/9/2008
  • 11/28/2008
  • 11/1/2008
  • 10/23/2008
  • 10/15/2008
  • 10/3/2008
     Something NEW at For the Monster
     The Monster Deal
  • 9/26/2008
     Inventory Updated
  • 9/20/2008
  • 9/19/2008
     Store Updates
  • 8/31/2008
     Labor Day Code!
  • 8/30/2008
     Brocade Mama Pads
  • 7/31/2008
  • 7/30/2008
     Store Stocking
  • 7/29/2008
  • 6/28/2008
     Stocking Information
     La Leche League Meeting in Frontenac Kansas
  • 5/30/2008
  • 5/19/2008
  • 5/7/2008
     OUT OF STOCK ON 3.0 bumGenius
  • 2/18/2008
     Stocking Updates
  • 1/19/2008
     Fuzzi Bunz
  • 1/15/2008
  • 12/5/2007
     Where to start????
  • 9/17/2007
     Mommy's Touch Accessories
  • 9/12/2007
     14 Day Money Back Guarentee!!!
  • 8/23/2007
     bumGenius AIO Restocked!
     SECONDS! Mommy's Touch Mama Pads!
  • 8/15/2007
     bumGenius AIO
  • 8/14/2007
     Mommy's Touch Brocade Pads
  • 7/9/2007
     Re Stock
  • 7/5/2007
     All 3 Fuzzi Bunz Prints Are Here
  • 6/29/2007
     Re stock
  • 6/16/2007
     Baby Kicks Joey Bunz
  • 6/12/2007
     New Sleep Mats / Nap Mats
  • 6/8/2007
     Re stocked!
  • 5/23/2007
     New Baby Gifts Added
  • 5/19/2007
  • 5/7/2007
     Thirsties Diaper Covers
  • 5/1/2007
     Medium Joey Bunz Re stocked
     Re Stocked Happy Heiny's Mama Pads
  • 4/19/2007
     bumGenius 2.0 with Inserts IN STOCK
  • 4/13/2007
     Fuzzi Bunz IN STOCK
     Imse Vimse Swim Diapers Re - Stocked
  • 3/6/2007
     Server Upgrades Complete
  • 2/26/2007
     Imse Vimse Training Pants New and Re Stocked!
  • 2/23/2007
     bumGenius AIO Diaper Packages
  • 2/17/2007
     Pre-Folds Added and New!
  • 2/16/2007
     Free Micro Fiber Insert Drybees and Mommy's Touch In Stock Diapers
  • 2/10/2007
     NOW HERE! Cotton Babies One Size Inserts!
  • 2/9/2007
     Re Stocked bumGenius 2.0 and AIO
  • 2/7/2007
     Mommy's Touch AIO Diaper Packages
  • 1/16/2007
     bumGenius 2.0 and bumGenius AIO RE - STOCKED
  • 1/12/2007
     Bravado Nursing Tanks
  • 1/11/2007
     Bummis is HERE!
  • 1/9/2007
     Happy New Year
  • 12/28/2006
     Diaper Accessories In Stock
  • 12/21/2006
     Mommy's Touch - Mama Pads ON SALE
  • 12/18/2006
     Re Stock - Fuzzi Bunz
  • 12/6/2006
     bumGenius Deluxe AIO IN STOCK
  • 12/4/2006
     bumGenius Deluxe AIO
  • 11/17/2006
     bumGenius! 2.0 One Size Cloth Diaper
  • 11/11/2006
     New Snappi Colors
  • 11/6/2006
     Re - Stocked on MANY ITEM
  • 10/29/2006
  • 10/27/2006
     Mommy's Touch AIO
  • 10/25/2006
     Imse Vimse Trainers
  • 10/22/2006
     Petite Toddlers Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers
  • 10/21/2006
     Fuzzi Bunz Re - Stocked
  • 10/1/2006
     Mama Pads
  • 9/29/2006
     bumGenius IN STOCK
  • 9/22/2006
     Mommy's Touch Restocked
  • 9/21/2006
     Wahmies Wet Bags and Pail Liners Re - Stocked
  • 9/12/2006
     BabyKicks JoeyBunz RESTOCKED
  • 9/7/2006
     bumGenius Stock
  • 9/6/2006
     OH MY!
  • 8/6/2006
     Baby Gift Baskets
  • 8/5/2006
     Stacinator Updated
  • 7/24/2006
     New Product Added
  • 7/19/2006
     New Product Coming!
  • 7/17/2006
     Updated Products
  • 7/13/2006
     Christmas in July
  • 5/23/2006
     Mommy's Touch
  • 5/20/2006
  • 5/19/2006
     Mommy's Touch Pocket Diaper
  • 5/18/2006
     Mommy's Touch Mama Pads
  • 5/12/2006
     Just Talk
  • 4/12/2006
     Imse Vimse Swim Diapers
  • 4/6/2006
     Diaper Packages
  • 4/2/2006
     Nursery Items
  • 3/24/2006
     Re Stocked
  • 3/17/2006
     Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Packages
     Updates to Web Site
  • 3/8/2006
     Organic Baby Blankets
  • 2/25/2006
     Economy Shipping
  • 2/16/2006
     Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper
  • 2/5/2006
     Added Wonderoos
  • 1/9/2006
     Added Proraps
  • 1/6/2006
     New Happy Heiny's Prints
  • 1/1/2006
     Happy New Year!
  • 12/27/2005
     Customer Questions
  • 12/24/2005
     New Blog Spot
     Goal for the new year
  • Date: 11/1/2013
    Title: WE ARE MOVING
    For the Monster is on the Move and is temporarily closed. We hope to re-open Monday November 4, 2013. Stay tuned!
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    Date: 8/23/2013
    Title: Cloth Diapers are still popular
    We are excited that cloth diapering is still a very desirable way to save money for most famiies. We sell everything from prefold flats, diaper covers to one size all in one cloth diapers. The new AIO (all in one) diapers are just as easy as disposable diapers and they are so much better for your baby's health and your budget.

    Just incase you are not following us on Facebook or Yahoo group, there is only 8 days left in August to register for a chance to win a FREE "Moraki" all in one (one size 7-40lbs) diaper. We will be drawing names September 5th and announcing the winner on the 6th. All you have to do is go to our website and locate the Moraki diaper list - email us with your favorite Moraki print name and you will be registered for the drawing.

    Best of luck to everyone!

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    Date: 8/2/2013
    Title: August is here....WHAT!
    Where did the summer go? This is tax free weekend which means school is right around the corner. I know from experience that each of you with kids at home for the summer are ready to get them back on schedule. Even though they won't admit it, the kids love going back too. New backpacks, clothes and friends are awesome!

    NEWS: within the next few weeks we wil be re-vamping our website to give it a fresh new look. We are pretty proud of this website and hope to keep it updated often so you know we are serious about the future of For the Monster. We truly have the largest selection of cloth diapers in NW Arkansas and are adding new products constantly. Follow us on facebook to see announcements of new products. We are located in Bentonville, AR and sell mostly online, however we do offer shopping by appointment only. So if you want to beat the crowds and browse our stuff, just give me a call - Sandy 479-876-8126. If you want to order online and pick up your stuff just put a note on your order to call you when ready. I'll bring it to your car so your littleones don't have to get out of their carseats.

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    Date: 7/19/2013
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz discontinuing colors so we are having a sale!
    Fuzzi Bunz discontinued colors will be on sale for 15% while supplies last. We have a few of the old colors (and we still love them too). You can get your hands on these tride and true colors from our store for 15% off. If you need to add more diapers to your stash or are thinking about getting some for a baby shower this is a great promotion for you. The phased out colors that will be 15% off are: Grape, Apple Green, Big Sky Blue, Spearmint, Cotton Candy pink, Chocolate Truffle, Tootie Frootie and Crushed Berries.

    Hope you'll shop with us.

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    Date: 6/3/2013
    Title: June is here!
    Well, Mom's here comes Summer. I don't know about you but when my kids were little, I loved summers with everyone home. And the baby loved having someone other than Mom to hang out with. My kids are grown up now and we are fortunate enough to live close to the grandbabies. We will be attending several Family reunions this Summer and can't wait to show off the newest addition.

    Follow up to April's news: The First Friday event for May was a "rain out" Now, June is too full for me to have a booth, so I will be holding a "tent" sale at my home June 7th. Check out Facebook for more info on that.

    Summer fun idea: load up on non-toxic sidewalk chalk. You can either make chalk with the recipe below or purchase. Kids love making pictures concrete surfaces, but you can wet down the small pieces and use them for finger paints, color strands of hair (girls love this and yes mom it washes out). We've even used the wet chalk for facepainting (not on the mouth or eyes).

    1/4 cup plaster paris
    2 T water
    liquid tempera paint (washable) (these make strong colors)
    Mix all together and pour in to small paper cups - let dry overnight. All you have to do is tear off the paper cup to have a chunk of chalk.

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    Date: 4/29/2013
    Title: Wrapping up April
    Well the weather has been very odd for this spring. We love gardening and working in the yard so it has been a trying time for us. This weekend my granddaughter notice that the corn is sprouting, so the cold spurts did not affect our garden, yay!

    This week is May's First Friday event in Bentonville. We have finalized all of the Diaper packages that will be available, like "Give Cloth a Try" this package gives everyone an opportunity to try cloth and includes 2 covers and 4 inserts starting at $68.00. The "Whimsical" packages for the families that use cloth part time, comes with 6 complete one size diapers with one overnight. starting at $194.00. And for new moms (or fabulous frugal families) the "Feel Good" package is for full time diapering includes 12 covers, 24 liners and 4 boosters (plus one free new born or overnight diaper) starting at $394.00! Now is the time to save some money! Prices could vary with sizes/styles/prints.

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    Date: 4/12/2013
    Title: April news
    We are excited to tell you that we held our first ever "First Friday" booth at Bentonville, Arkansas downtown square. We had a baby changing station, and rockers to feed or cuddle all day, along with our prouducts to purchase or try out. It was a huge success and I'm happy to announce that we will be at each First Friday thought out the summer with this booth to help out young families.

    Several families took advantage of the baby changing ("free wipes") station and I sure hope they will share the good news with their friends.

    The next event is MAY 3rd , get it on your calendars now. There was a request to put together some "diaper package" to sell at the booth so watch for those and more Aden & Anais muslin blankets and sleep bags for the summer.

    This blog spot is now open again.... I will post more later.

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    Date: 1/24/2013
    Title: Welcome from the new Owner
    Transfers, technology and training, OH MY!!!! Transitions, timing and tearful goodbyes!!!! Wow! What an exciting time for us all. Gena sold For the Monster December 29, 2012 and we re-opened (sort of) on January 3, 2013. There has been a real whirlwind of activity the last few weeks, and we are thrilled to announce that we are now open for business in Bentonville, Arkansas.

    Hi, my name is Sandy Lamer and my husband Rich and I are the new owners of For the Monster. Now that we are in Bentonville, you have local access to one of the largest cloth diaper stores in NW Arkansas. If you're in the area and want to see the inventory in person, call us and we'll schedule an appointment. If you would like to pick up your order, let us know and we'll be happy to bring it to the car when you arrive. That way, you don't have to get the babies out.

    I hope to hear from you with more suggestions about how we can better serve you. Just yesterday, a friend of mine said she would like it if we would set up a private shopping session with some her mom friends one night. She also suggested bringing grandma by to show her the "new diaper systems". Grandma's just love covering those cute Lil Bunz.

    And if you are looking for something specific, and you don't see it in our inventory or on the website, let us know. We'll do our best to track it down for you. It's our goal to be your one-stop little shoppe. And the best part is, we are only a phone call, facebook post, or email away, NO MATTER where you live!

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    Date: 9/2/2012
    Title: Buy 3 get 1 FREE Shell Sale!

    Gro-Via Is Having A Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale

    That's right it's the Fall Gro-Via Sale! You can get 4 of your favorite Gro-Via Shells for the price of THREE

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    Date: 8/27/2012
    Title: Smells Good Going IN,
    Did we have you thinking about laundry detergent? We hope we have grabbed your attention enough to read about our newest addition to our product offering! We want to give a BIG For the Monster welcome to Eco Sprout products! Even though we are not carrying the FULL Eco Sprout line, we can order all of it, so if we don't carry what you like from Eco Sprout, just let us know and we will be glad to order it for you!

    What we are going to carry here at For the Monster is the the 48 oz size bags of laundry soap and the 2 oz twist up Bottom Balm+

    Did you know Eco Sprout was made by a Work at Home Dad? That's right a Dad that didn't want to use two different kinds of laundry detergent! It was very important to him to use natural ingredients and to be 100% bio-degradable. In a nutshell this is how Eco Sprouts was born!

    Eco Sprout also have Eco liners, that are made with Bamboo fibers, that come in a roll of 100 for just 8.95. They also have a bottom spray, along with their offering.

    Let's talk about the Eco Sprout Soap!

    Did you know Eco Sprout was made by a Work at Home Dad? That's right a Dad that didn't want to use two different kinds of laundry detergent! It was very important to him to use natural ingredients and to be 100% bio-degradable. In a nutshell this is how Eco Sprouts was born!

    Eco Sprout also have Eco liners, that are made with Bamboo fibers, that come in a roll of 100 for just 8.95. They also have a bottom spray, along with their offering.

    Let's talk about the Eco Sprout Soap!

    Even though we have choosen to only carry the 48/96 load bags of the Eco Sprout Soap in all scents we can order you a larger bag of 96/192 loads for a total of 24.95 each. Each scent is unique to itself! To me they ALL SMELL GOOD, and I'm not big on smelly things! Here is a list of the 7 scents that they make:

    Green Tea

    Ocean Blue

    In the Buff (unscented)

    Sandalwood Vanilla

    Lavender Chamomile

    Warm Vanilla Sugar (the favorite here at FtM)

    Fresh Linen

    Let me give you the full list of ingredients, so you know that the Eco Sprout is safe for your cloths and your cloth diapers!

    Sodium carbonate peroxyhdrate, natural water softeners, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, natural and biodegradable surfactants.

    In our test samples of Eco Sprout, we were very happy with the product, it even was able to break through the grime on our childrens play clothes!

    The Bottom Balm+

    Eco Sprout Bottom Balm+ is great for more than just your little one's bottom! It's also good for:

    •Scrapes as a natural healer
    •Windburn and sunburn as a natural soother
    •Cradle cap & chapped or dry skin as a natural moisturizer

    Eco Sprout Bottom Balm+ has so many different uses you will want to keep a 2oz twist up with you at all times! The Bottom Balm+ will sooth those little knees with the help of mama's kiss!

    Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii(shea) oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Almond) Oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) butter, Calendula infused olive oil, blend of healing essential oils.All Natural Ingredients: Butyrospermum parkii (shea) oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cera alba (beeswax), Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) butter, Calendula infused olive oil, blend of healing essential oils.

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    Date: 8/26/2012
    Title: REMINDER: Refund Mondays!
    Refund Monday:

    What does "Refund Monday" really mean?

    It means all orders placed between 5 am and 5 pm CST on Monday`s starting Jan 3, 2011 will be entered for one customer to have 1 item (up to a $50.00 value) refunded back to their payment option used. We will pick the order using and then we will have one of our monster staff choose one item to be refunded! PROMISE we will not be cheap when we choose!!

    Not valid on layaway payments or gift certificates.

    Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and what item was refunded! We will also send the winner an e-mail notifying them of the refund as well.

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    Date: 8/13/2012
    Title: GroVia

    GroVia Diaper Rx Laundry Treatment

    Have you heard of the GroVia Diaper Rx It really is a prescrption for your stinky diapers! How do I know this? I tried it for myself and it works!

    We have some potty training regression going on at our house at night. So we pulled out our trusty FuzziBunz XL. Wow the first morning that my son had wet in his diaper, I could smell him, before I actually saw him. This meant ALL the diapers were headed to the washer! I read the instructions, it took me a minute to figure out you have to throw the whole pac into the washer. It does dissolve away in the wash.

    After they came out of the dryer they didn't have a small funk to them, they had NO SMELL! The next morning, my child didn't smell either, he had just a wet diaper, that's it.

    I am very happy with my first time results with GroVia Rx. If you are fighting ammonia smell in your diapers, or need to strip your diapers, then the GroVia Rx is just what you are looking for. YOU SHOULD ONLY USE THIS PRODUCT EVERY 6 - 8 WEEKS.

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    Date: 8/11/2012
    Title: August NewsLetter
    We have been working away here behind the scene. We have added several new products to the store, but have been waiting to send out a newsletter. So I’m hoping you don’t mind if this letter ends up being a little TOO LONG!


    Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers: These are on sale because they are the older version with white snaps;

    Moby Wraps:

    Prorap Classics in SMALL MEDIUM LARGE ONLY


    Heava Pacifiers and Holders:

    GroVia Diaper Rx

    Sunny Sunscreen:

    Leslie’s Boutique:

    Leslie’s Boutique Mama Cloth:

    Kissaluvs Contours:

    Rockin Green – Femme Rock

    Mesh Laundry Bags for Mama Cloth:

    Planet Wise Should Wet/Dry Bag

    Happy Heiny’s Sherpa Cotton Nursing Pads

    GroVia Plus Size Side Panels For Trainers:

    GroVia Vanilla Trainers:

    Pull-On by Bummis:


    Healing Amber:


    FuzziBunz Perfect Size, FuzziBunz Elite, BestBottoms, GroVia, Happy Heiny’s Mama Cloth

    We have moved many older prints and diapers to the clearance section. Be sure you check out all we have added.

    Clearance Section

    Thanks for sticking with me all the way to the end!

    Gena and the crew.....

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    Date: 8/10/2012
    Title: New Bummis Pull-On

    Pull-On by Bummis

    The new upgraded Whisper Pant

    The new Pull-On by Bummis (BUM_MEEZ) is the newest addition to their line up of products. With the original Whisper Pant in mind they built an even better product with the Pull-On. The Pull-On pant is now made with PUL on the inside of the pant to help contain leaks, and they now come in COLORS where before you only could choose white.

    Best of all the Pull-On is still as trim as it's predecessor.  This means that you can use it as a diaper cover, or even for Potty Training. All you have to do is put your child's big kid pants on and pull these over the top to help with containing the mess.

    The new Pull-On by Bummis are only 6.50 each.

    The Pull-On by Bummis can be used in several
    different ways.

    1. It can be used as a diaper cover over your favorite fitted cloth diaper, or even over a prefold with a Snappi. The cover is generous enough in size that it should fit over any fitted you may use.
    2. There is no elastic in the binding, this makes for a comfortable fit.
    3. Stretchy Lycra bindings prevent leaks and are soft to baby's skin

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    Date: 7/17/2012
    Title: Sweet Pea 25% off Sale
    This will probably be a fast and furious sale, but we have some OLD white snap stock we need to clearance out and bring in new stuff.

    SO we have marked down our Sweet Pea OS pockets, covers, and AI3 diapers

    WE have marked them down to 25% off..... Excellent products at an even better price....

    Sweet Pea products at For the Monster


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    Date: 6/18/2012
    Title: WE ARE MOVED!
    That is correct we are finally moved into our new location! We are setting up appointments for one on one shopping. Now have all of your questions answered, and be able to touch and feel the diapers or natural parenting items without the shopping crowd!

    Our mailing address is:
    PO BOX 300
    West Fork AR 72774

    Our NEW local number is:

    Our store ours will stay the same. If you would like to sit up an appointment time to come view our products or just get help with your diapers, we will be glad to help. We will give you directions at the time we sit up your appointment.

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    Date: 5/25/2012
    Title: Memorial Day and Moving Sale
    That's right we are moving one last time! Instead of moving all of our diapers we would rather but them on sale for you! So we are starting with our Memorial Day Sale on 5/25/12 and will end the sale on June 8, 2012 at midnight.

    We are still going through inventory and adding things daily. We will have all products added by 3pm CST on Friday.

    So be sure to swing by and see our Memorial Day and Moving Sale!

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    Date: 5/12/2012
    Title: MOTHER'S DAY 2012
    This is Mother's Day weekend. To honor all of you fabulous Mom's out there we are going to have a Mother's Day weekend sale!

    3.00 OFF orders 25.00 or more use code MOM3
    5.00 OFF orders 50.00 or more use code MOM5
    10.00 off orders 100.00 or more use code MOM10
    15.00 off orders 150.00 or more use code MOM15
    20.00 off orders 200.00 or more use code MOM20

    This sale will end at midnight on 5/13/12 and all price breaks are based on the SUB TOTAL. not valid on orders already placed, OR GIFT CERTIFICATES: This sale starts at 9:31AM CST 5/11/12 and will end on 5/13/12 at midnight.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/13/2012
    Title: Thirsites Duo AIO

    Thristies Duo AIO

    That's right for all of our AIO loving customers we have ordered our first round of the NEW Thirsties Duo AIO. We are excited about these diapers arriving as well!

    The sad part is we can not put these diapers on sale until Jan. 18th!

    You can take a peek at them here! Thirsties Duo AIO

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    Date: 12/13/2011
    That's right I'm going to pick 2 random items every day until Christmas Eve and mark them down! Today's items are marked down 20%.

    Wahmies Wetbags on sale 20% off. This will be our first 24 hour sale. On sale for 24 hours or until product is sold.

    Kissaluvs fitteds, one size covers and marvels are 20% off for the next 24 Hours or until product is sold...


    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 11/25/2011
    Title: Black Friday SPECIALS
    Here we go with our Black Friday On Line Sale!

    Changing Diapers Book 8.98 for this weekend only!

    FuzziBunz Diapers


    bumGenius 4.0 Velcro


    Gro Via buy 2 get 1 FREE Gro Via

    Diaper Covers Buy 5 Get 1 Free Diaper covers

    The more you purchase the more you save!!

    .01 - 25.00 = 2% off

    25.01 - 50.00 = 5% off

    50.01 to 75.00 = 6% off

    75.01 - 100.00 = 7% off

    100.01 - 150.00 = 8% off

    150.01 - 200.00 = 10% off

    200.01 and up = 15% off

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    Date: 9/16/2011
    Title: BumGenius buy 5 get one free
    Thats right to our surprise bumGenius is having another sale! The only catch to this sale is YOUR FREE DIAPER HAS TO BE SWEET or BUBBLE or ARTIST SERIES and we are very low on the artist series.

    this sale start 9-16-11 and ends on 10/31/11 use code BFG0911

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    Date: 9/6/2011
    Title: Sweet Pea Diapers 15% off
    That's right all sweet pea products are on sale for 15% off for a short time! Stock up now!
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/2/2011

    Labor Day Weekend Sale

    That's right.. Since we missed our Christmas in July sale we are going to have a crazy Labor Day Sale!

    Ergo and Moby Wraps on sale 20% off and then you get additional savings by spending MORE!

    .01 to 10.00 = 2% savings
    10.01 to 20.00 = 4% savings
    20.01 to 50% off = 5% savings
    50.01 to 125.00 = 7% savings
    125.01 to 150.00 = 10% savings
    150.00 and up = 15% savings!


    This sale is good for instore and on line. The cart will automatically figure all discounts!

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    Date: 7/26/2011
    Title: July 27, 2011 RETAIL STORE WILL BE CLOSED
    Customers like you make doing business a real pleasure. We thank you for making our retail store such a success!

    We are writing to let you know that we will be closed on Wednesday July 27, 2011. We found out that we have been given an early appointment time for our son Andrew, with his hand surgeon that has done the last two surgeries.

    We are sorry for any problems this may cause, but we will be traveling to make this appointment, so we had no other option but to close the retail store.

    All orders for on - line customers will be shipped out on Thursday and the latest on Friday.

    Once again we are sorry for the short notice, but this is one appointment we just can't miss.

    We will re - open on Thursday regular time of 10:30 AM.

    Thank You for Understanding,


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    Date: 6/30/2011
    Title: Freedom Sale on FLIP!!

    That's right we are participating too! Get your flips for 14.95 until July 5th. Flip now come in white!
    Flip Stay Dry

    Flip Covers Only

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    Date: 6/30/2011
    Title: More July 4th Sales!!
    We have marked Melissa and Doug products down 15%

    Melissa and Doug

    We have a wide selection of learning puzzles, talking puzzles and much more! Please take the time to view all the MAD products!

    Aden + Anais is also part of our celebration! we have marked them down 10%

    Aden + Anais

    Aden + Anais are the makers of 100% cotton muslin swaddle blankets, bibs, and issie blankets. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift. Aden + Anais is a must!!!

    Sale Ends on July 5, 2011 with the Flip sale.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/26/2011
    Title: Store Update

    We have added a few new products to our line up here at For the Monster!

    The first product we would like to tell you about is Aden + Anais . The light, open weave allows a baby's body temperature to regulate naturally, helping to reduce the risk of overheating and keeping baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Muslin has a natural stretch to it, allowing you to get a nice, secure swaddle without being overly restrictive! The more you wash aden + anais muslin, the softer it gets!

    One of your favorite baby carriers is now at For the Monster! Ergo Baby Carriers and Accessories We are waiting for our shipment of accessories and carriers to arrive! Soon we will have the teething pads, waist extender, backpacks in stock. We also will have a wider selection of carriers in stock as well! For you Arkansas Hogs fan we will have the Red Ergo Sport in soon!

    I also want to mention that we have a LARGE selection of swim diapers in stock! Check out or Imse Vimse Swim diapers. Reusable Swim Diapers by Imse Vimse

    We will also be adding ShooShoo over the weekend as well. They are due to arrive in our store on June 28th!

    We have also added Happiness & Hope

    We are also doing a crazy little promotion with Melissa and Doug items. Any order over 25.00 that purchases ONE Melissa and Doug will receive a 5.00 off code to use on their next order that is over 20.00! This offer will be good until July 31.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/21/2011
    Title: Store Update
    We are excited to be adding Aden + Anais to our line up here at For the Monster... Here take a peek at their products..
    Aden + Anais
    I am super excited to be bringing in these muslin, light weight swaddling blanket for the summer time, and these also make wonderful baby shower gifts! We have a customer that comes into the store and her baby will not give up his Aden and Anais swaddling blanket for NOTHING!!!!

    We also have added some Imse Vimse swim diapers tonight. I LOVE the new colors and if I had a little girl, OH she would have at least two of this new swim diapers! Swim Diapers

    We have also received a shipment of Melissa and Doug Puzzles in and a few other assorted fun items.

    We have added only a small fraction of the Lanky Legs Line by Melissa and Doug. The LL Dog is not alone, he has a friend that is a horse, tiger, and a lion. We also sent out a discount of for the Melissa and Doug items. It was MAD10. All we ask is that you do not purchase anything but MAD Toys when you use this code. Please take a look at all the sun and sand toys we have as well!

    We have also brought in the itti bitti tutto. This is a one size diaper with a Minki outside and a combination of hemp and fleece inner. This diaper comes in a wide array of colors and is very soft to the touch. This would be the perfect diaper for under that summertime T-shirt or sun dress.
    Bitti Tutto

    We also put in an order for ShooShoos and they should be here this week as well. I promise I tried to order more BOY shoes this time!!! OH I just realized that ShooShoos will be new to For the Monster as well!! Sorry about that.

    We will also be adding Ergos as well! We have several in stock, so if you are in need of an Ergo PLEASE give us a call and we will be happy to tell you what we have in stock!!!

    We haven't had a Thirsties sale in a long time! All Thirsties products are marked down 10% Thirsites Sale

    OOOOHHHHHH how could I forget! We also have the new FuzziBunz color in stock as well! Spearmint. We have these in perfect size and One Size as well! This is a pretty diaper.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/11/2011
    Title: Do you live in the state of Arkansas??
    As of today For the Monster is offering free shipping to ANY customer that has products shipped within the state of Arkansas!!!

    All you have to do, is use the code FREEAR to recieve free shipping for items that ship within the state of Arkansas.

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    Date: 4/10/2011
    Title: Store Closed Until April 18, 2011
    We are currently closed until April 18, 2011 due to surgery. All e-mails and phone calls will be returned in the order that they are received in starting on April 18th at Noon CST when the website opens again.

    Thank You for your understanding in this matter.

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    Date: 3/23/2011
    Title: Great Cloth Diaper Change April 23, 2011

    Will You Be There?

    For the Monster is the site for the Great Cloth Diaper Change! We will have hourly drawings and free giveaways for the participants! Come join us at 11AM for some fun! Here is more about the Great Cloth Diaper Change and how you can pre-regisiter.

    Click Here for Pre Registration Form

    Click Here for More Information on Great Cloth Diaper Change

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    Date: 3/17/2011
    Title: bumGenius! 4.0 Solid Color Sale!!

    bumGenius 4.0 Sale!

    Your favorite diaper is ready for Spring, and we are blooming bumGenius 4.0's in all colors!

    This sale starts March 17 and will end on March 20, 2011 at midnight.

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    Date: 1/22/2011
    Title: Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds

    Thirsties New Duo Fab Fitted Cloth Diapers

    It is no secret that I am a pocket diaper loving mama! I ordered the Duo Fab Fitteds because I was getting many requests for them DAILY!! Once these came in I wanted to try them on Andrew...I did a couple of blog posts on what my review was all about.

    Our Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Review

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    Date: 1/11/2011
    Title: 1st Quarter Sales!
    Happy Julianuary,

    If your children watch Madagascar you will know what I am talking about! Anyway! I am happy to say we have year 6 in business under our belts, and put away in boxes! We are looking to many NEW and exciting things in year 7 of business.

    Free diapers? Who doesn't love free diapers??
    Free Diapers

    Thirsties products are 10% off until 1/24/11 at midnight!
    Thirsties Sale

    Bummis Covers 10% Off: end 1/18/11 at midnight!
    Bummis Covers

    Chinese and Indian Prefolds 10% off end 1/18/11 at midnight!
    Prefold at FtM

    We have moved all of our in Stock Medela products into the Clearance section and marked them down 15% off!
    Medela in Clearance

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    Date: 1/8/2011
    Title: Welcome Knickernappies to For the Monster

    Knickernappies at For the Monster

    By popular demand we have added the Kickernappies line! If you have a favorite Knickernappies product and you do not see it on our website, just send us an e-mail and we will get it added for you!

    Date: 1/7/2011
    Title: WIN A FREE DIAPER 1/7/11

    Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Diaper

    That's right all orders placed today by 5:31 pm CST will be entered to win a Fab Fitted Duo Diaper by Thiristies!

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    Date: 1/4/2011
    Title: You can now follow us on
    For the Monster on LinkedIn
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    Date: 12/25/2010
    Title: Refund Monday Starting 1/3/2011

    Refund Monday:

    What does "Refund Monday" really mean?

    It means all orders placed between 5 am and 5 pm CST on Monday's starting Jan 3, 2011 will be entered for one customer to have 1 item (up to a $50.00 value) refunded back to their payment option used. We will pick the order using and then we will have one of our monster staff choose one item to be refunded! PROMISE we will not be cheap when we choose!!

    Winners will be announce on our Facebook page For the Monster on Facebook and what item was refunded! We will also send the winner an e-mail notifying them of the refund as well.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/24/2010
    Title: End of Year Product Sales
    Hello all! I have been going through the website today, and putting different items on sale. Some are over stock items, some are items I just want people to try! AND some are because members of our FaceBook page have asked for those items to be on sale!

    Fabulous Wet Bags by Bummis are 10% off
    Fab Wet Bags

    Bummis Totes are 10% off
    Bummis Tote Bags

    FuzziBunz Fleece Changing Pads
    FuzziBunz Changing Pads

    FuzziBunz Zippered Totes are 10% off
    FuzziBunz Zippered Totes

    FuzziBunz Hanging Pails are 10% off
    FuzziBunz Hanging Pails

    Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diaper are 15% off
    Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diapers

    Happy Heiny's Organic One Size are 15% off
    Happy Heiny's One Size Organics

    GroVia Wet Bags are 10% off
    Gro Via Wet Bags

    Swaddlebees Wet Bags are 10% off
    Swaddelbees Wet Bags

    Melissa and Doug Wooden and Plush Toys 25% off
    Melissa and Doug

    bumGenius 4.0 One Size Pocket Sale buy 5 get 1 free
    bumGenius 4.0 Sale

    bumGenius AIO 3.0 Sale buy 5 get 1 free
    List 6 AIO in Box during check out

    **GroVia Shell Sets On Sale 18.95
    GroVia Shell Sets Clearance Price

    **Rumparooz Aplix 15% off
    Rumparooz Aplix

    ***GroVia Bio Wipes On Sale 2.99 makes it 3.00 off!
    GroVia Bio Wipes 2.99

    Rumparooz SNAP Diapers 15% off
    Rumparooz Snaps

    All sale items are limited to instock products only.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 11/13/2010
    Title: bumGenius AIO Buy 5 get 1 Free
    Buy 5 get 1 bumGenius AIO FREE

    This EXCLUDES the X SMALL size!

    We are having trouble keeping these in stock so we have been ordering like crazy! We put inventory control on them, SO what this means is! Go through the site and order any 5 small, medium or LARGE and put your 6th color in the comment box. Right now you will have to choose from what we have in stock. Once we get our supply built back up we will remove the qty control!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 11/6/2010
    Title: FuzziBunz Small and Medium Sale

    FuzziBunz Small and Mediums Sale

    That's correct! We are honoring the manufacturer sale on smalls and mediums. You can now get your favorite sized diapers for only 14.95!

    FuzziBunz Small

    FuzziBunz Medium

    Date: 11/6/2010
    Title: For the Monster has a retail location
    Yes! We finally did it.. We have opened up a retail location! You can now shop on line or in our store!

    We are located at
    2421 N. Center St. Ste.D
    Fayetteville AR 72701

    DO NOT let the address fool you! We are still located in Elkins AR. You can find us in front of the Dollar General Store in Elkins! We are located in between the White River Valley News and Jack's Old Time Barber Shop. We do not have our building sign yet, so please make sure to look for our small banner in the window!!

    Hope to be visiting with you soon.

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    Date: 11/6/2010
    Title: bumGenius 4.0 SALE!! buy 5 get 1 FREE
    That's right you favorite one size cloth diaper is on sale here at For the Monster until 12/31/10. Please remember we are not allowed to ship this product internationally!!!

    Buy 5 get 1 FREE bumGenius 4.0

    This offer is effective 11/04/2010 - 12/31/2010 or while supplies last. Buy 5, Get 1 Free. The price point on the package after the discount is $86.90.

    Limit one per customer per order on product specified.This offer only applies to our standard colors. It does not apply to the artist series.This offer may not be combined with any other sale or discount during checkout.

    Buy 5 get 1 Free

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    Date: 9/19/2010
    Title: Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys

    Melissa and Doug Wooden Toys

    We have added Melissa and Doug wooden toys to our store! Be sure to visit our Melissa and Doug Section

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    Date: 9/19/2010
    Title: Rumparooz Prints
    We have added a small selection of Rumparooz Prints

    Rumparooz Prints

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/4/2010
    Title: Labor Day Weekend Sale!

    Labor Day Weekend Sale

    We have set the cart up to take 5% off orders .01 to 99.99. THEN for orders from 100.00 to 1000.00 you get 10% off your entire cart before shipping!

    Enjoy your Labor Day savings!

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    Date: 8/15/2010
    Title: Swaddlebees and Blueberry
    We have spent most of the weekend working on these two categories. We have updated the products and product colors. We have also added some new products that swaddlebees and Blueberry have to offer!



    So please be sure to checkout what we have done with these categories!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/7/2010
    Title: Hard Rock Recall Information
    Hard Rock Voluntary Recall
    Friday, July 23rd, 2010
    Rockin’ Green, LLC
    10520 Culebra Rd St 4
    San Antonio, TX 78251

    July 23, 2010

    Information Hotline: (512)522-7627 (512)522-7627

    Hard Rock Voluntary Recall

    San Antonio, TX. – Rockin’ Green, LLC is voluntarily recalling approximately 500 bags of Hard Rock laundry detergent sold between May 1st and June 31st, of 45-ounce size, sold for $15.95-$19.95.
    Rockin’ Green is recalling the hard water formula detergent due to a mixing error that resulted in the end product being weaker than intended. Those with hard water may find that the product does not clean as specified and some may experience irritation or redness.
    Rockin’ Green shipped the recalled products beginning in May to stores and customers nationwide and throughout Canada.

    To date there have been 4 reported cases of irritation, and Rockin’ Green is conducting this recall to prevent the possibility of injury.

    Consumers that have affected bags and are experiencing irritation should discontinue use immediately and contact Rockin’ Green, LLC at 512-522-7627 512-522-7627 or for an exchange.

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    Date: 7/28/2010

    VOTE For - For the Monster

    We are trying to win a business grant from Intuit! Please vote for us often!

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    Date: 7/25/2010
    Title: Thirsties Sale 10% OFF

    Thirsties on Sale

    That's right we are having our quarterly sale on ALL Thirsties products! Now get your favorite Thirsties product at sale prices!!! Thirsties 10% off Sale

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/16/2010
    Title: bumGenius 4.0 ready to ORDER

    bumGenius 4.0 Ready To Order

    That's right the new bumGenius 4.0 will be here TOMORROW.. So we have set the website up so you can order tonight. We were only able to order a small amount from the manufacturer this time, but we were able to get all colors in Velcro and Snap Closures!

    bumGenius 4.0

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/30/2010
    Title: Rockin Green Giveaway!!
    July marks the 1 year anniversary of Rockin’ Green! It has been an AMAZING year, and we feel so blessed to have such a fantastic fan base. Seriously, our customers ROCK!!! So in honor of you guys- we have cooked up a really fun anniversary giveaway blowout.

    Here’s all the details:

    Throughout the month of July, we are going to be putting special concert tickets inside specially marked packages. There will be 50 tickets in all, and we will then distribute them through our various channels. So, you may find a ticket in a bag in our store, for sale on our website or at one of our retailers! We don’t even know where they will end up!

    Once you find a ticket, you can then contact us OR your favorite retailer to redeem your prize. Each bag is a chance to win (though there are other ways to enter too- so check the terms and conditions below) and the contest is open to all US and Canada residents.

    The specially marked bags will start landing on your favorite retailers shelf in a week or two, so be on the lookout!

    Here’s a list of the prizes that will be available:

    • One Grand Prize winner receives a year supply of Rockin’ Green (12 bags worth)
    • 100 dollar store credit to be used at your favorite Rockin’ Green retailer!
    • 10 full size bags of Rockin’ Green – one per winner
    • 25 sample size bags of Rockin’ Green – one per winner
    • 9 Shake It Up! Pail Freshners – one per winner
    • 5 Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls – one per winner

    Have fun!

    NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN, for official rules and details click here.

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    Date: 6/9/2010
    Title: Shipping Delay
    From 6/10/10 at 12:01 AM till 6/19/10 Each order will enter you into the drawing for a 25.00 gift certificate. We will be giving away FOUR 25.00 gift certificates.
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    Date: 6/6/2010
    Title: Kissaluvs V2
    Sorry about that! This box has been setting here for awhile.. I do have the Kissaluvs V2 in stock and ready to ship to YOU!

    Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers I also have Gro Via coming soon too. It's in a box on the floor.. I just need to get them added to the web site!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/8/2010
    Title: Mother's Day Sale!
    Fleece Changing Pads:
    Changing Pad New Colors

    Zippered Totes:
    Zippered Totes New Colors

    In and Out Hanging Diaper Pails:
    New Color Hanging Pail

    FuzziBunz One Size NEW COLORS:
    New Color One Size FuzziBunz

    FuzziBunz Breast Pads:
    FuzziBunz Breast Pads

    Bummis Easy Fits:
    Bummis Easy Fit
    These are a little pricey but worth every penny. They are so much more absorbent than they look! Even my heavy wetter can where these!

    Kissaluvs Fitted V2 coming in soon!

    Kissaluvs V2

    Thirsties Snap Duo Wraps Prints:
    Duo Wrap Snap Prints

    We have some Killer Mother’s Day Sales going on!

    FuzziBunz OLD COLORS on sale for 20% off!


    All the diapers in this section are on sale! We like these for extended day’s when we are away from home or overnight diapers. 10% off

    Grobaby :
    Grobaby is rebranding to GroVia – We are trying to get this stock out of here so we can bring the updated products and new name in!! 20% off

    Bravado Bras

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 4/23/2010
    Title: Grobaby Changing to GroVia

    Big Changes Coming!

    Weʼve got exciting news! The Natural Baby Company has just let us know that they are in the midst of a big change. In the beginning of May they will officially announce that they are rebranding the Company, and all of their products will be known, worn & loved as, GroVia. They will make improvements to current products that we all love, as well as introduce new products under the GroVia brand. We will continue the sale of Gro Baby products at a reduced price while products last, and will begin selling GroVia brand products on May 12, 2010, so stay tuned!

    So this means for you, I have discounted the diapers, extra soakers, and doublers 15% and the pail liners and wet bags, and magic sticks 10%!

    What a great way to try a new diaper!

    Diapers and Soakers

    Pail Liners


    Date: 4/19/2010
    Title: BACK IN STOCK!

    FuzziBunz Breast Pads

    FINALLY we were able to order some Breast Pads from FuzziBunz! We have them in stock and ready to ship!

    Leak Proof Breast Pads by FuzziBunz

    We also have Rumparooz on sale for 10% off... If you purchase 24 + diapers we will give you a free diaper!!!!!!
    Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

    Bummis Easy Fits - COLORS

    That's right we finally have the Easy fit colors in stock and ready to ship!

    Bummis Easy Fits

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 3/31/2010
    Title: Small Shipment of Rumparooz just came in!

    Lil Joey's

    We brought in just a few more colors of the Joeys, and of course MORE monster diapers with snaps! We just put another order in for my Rumparooz with snaps so we should have those later this week!!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 3/27/2010
    Title: Happy Heiny's Cloth Diapers On SALE

    Your Favorite Happy Heiny's Cloth Diaper ON SALE!

    Sale, everyone loves that word! Well maybe our spouses don't! We have put all Happy Heiny's diapers on sale for 5% off until 3/31/10 at midnight!

    Check them out here:

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    Date: 3/26/2010
    Title: Quarterly Sale On Thirsties Products

    Thirsties ON SALE!

    That's right all Thristies diaper are on sale! 10% off until 3/31/10 at midnight!

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    Date: 3/23/2010
    Title: Many Many Updates and New Products

    Rump - A - Rooz Now At For the Monster!

    That's correct after many customer requests we now have Rump A Rooz Aplix and Snap diapers in Stock and ready to ship!! We also will be carrying the Rump a Rooz Monster print as well! We have also added the Lil Joey Newborn diapers, and extra 6r soakers in Hemp and Microfiber!!

    Rump A Rooz Cloth Diapers Click Here

    Happy Heiny's Organic and Mini Cloth Diaper

    That's right Happy Heiny's has it's own organic diaper, and these diapers are AWSOME for overnight if you have a heavy wetter! We use our Organic HH with a stuffin and a microfiber insert and we are good!

    We have also added the Happy Heiny's Mini One Size Diaper! this is a diaper for newborn to possible 3 months! That is when baby is in that "hard to fit" stage of life!

    Happy Heinys Organic One Size and Mini One Size Click Here!

    Thirsties Duo Wrap Prints Now Up for Pre - Order!

    That's right your favorite cover now comes in PRINTS!!! Thirsties Duo Wrap Prints Click Here:

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    Date: 3/13/2010
    Title: Mini Bags and Large Organic Mama Pads Restocked
    We just restocked the mini bags and Swaddlebees Large OCV mama pads!
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    Date: 2/23/2010
    Title: GroBaby, Dream-Eze, Wonder Wraps


    We have brought you another line of cloth diapers by The Natural Baby Company! Many of you may know them by their single product names!


    Wow how could I forget to mention the matching wetbags and diaper pail liners!

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    Date: 2/20/2010
    Title: Nursery Items Updated

    Did You Know For the Monster Has Nursery Bedding?

    We have finished updating the Nursery section of our web site! It has many new prints that is sure to be a hit with any mom and dad!! Be sure to check out our nursery section and then also the matching diaper bags to go along with your nusery! For the Nursery

    Matching Diaper Bags

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    Date: 2/17/2010
    Title: Bummis Order In
    Hello All,

    After the no shipping day on Monday and then the sites going down last night, we finally have but the NEW Bummis products in stock!!

    Bummis Easy Fit

    Celery Dot Cover by Bummis, and these covers are just too cute!! The picture doesn't tell the full story on these covers! I might actually use one of these on my boy monster!!!

    Celery Dot Bummis Cover

    Fab wet bags by Bummis

    Fab Wet Bags

    Bummis Super Snap at For the Monster

    Bummis Super Snap

    We have one more box to open and see what's in it! We will post about it after it's put away!

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    Date: 2/17/2010
    Title: FuzziBunz Order Arrived
    We have recieved in another box of Fluff! FuzziBunz was the second box we needed to put away! We have added some to the Super size in our mama cloth section:

    FuzziBunz Mama Cloth

    We also have a good selection of the Fuzzi Bunz One Size to choose from FuzziBunz One Size

    And also recieved in more XL in Colors! There were out of white so we grabbed all the colors we could! XL FuzziBunz We will order more white when we can get them from FuzziBunz!

    As always we have a large selection of the perfect size diapers too!!!!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/14/2010
    Title: Up Dated Fabric For Crib Bedding

    Crib Bedding, New Prints For the Designer Nursery

    YEAH!! We have finally finished updating the "For the Nursery" section of our web site, we have also updated the Diaper Bags. NOW you can order a messenger bag in your favorite new fabric!

    Updated Fabrics For the Nursery Click Here:

    Tote Bags, Backpacks and NOW Messenger Diaper Bags! CLICK HERE:

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    Date: 2/12/2010
    Title: bumGenius Order Arrived

    Flip Covers ONLY

    If you like the covers of the flip diapers we are now carrying them! No need to purchase the inserts to go with them! We have been using the flip covers on our little monster and we LIKE THEM!! Now you can get them in all the great colors offered by bumGenius!

    Flip Covers Click Here:

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    Date: 2/8/2010
    Title: We are BACK HOME!


    For all the well wishes and prayers it worked! Our little monster is back home and recovering well!! All our outstanding orders went to the Post Office today, so we are back on track with shipping.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/6/2010
    Title: Child Hospitalized
    Our youngest child has been hospitalized since 2/4/10. We thought we were going be released today, but we were not so lucky! So we are hoping for Monday! All orders that have been placed from 2/3/10 to when we can get back home to pack orders will automatically be sent to you priority mail since there was a shipping delay on our part.

    We will accept all prayers and well wishes for our littlest monster, he sure needs them right now! Once again we will post when we get home and start packing orders. If you need to ask a question please feel free to call us!

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    Date: 2/1/2010
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz
    We just received in an order of Fuzzi Bunz One Size and PINK XL FuzziBunz!


    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/26/2010
    Title: Kissaluvs Fitteds Size 0, 1, 2 are 15% off
    Kissaluvs have come out with a Version 2 of their fitted diapers, and we have the Version 1 SO.... We are putting them on sale for 15% off to move them out to bring in the V2 fitteds! So build up your stash today at this great low price!!!

    Kissaluvs sized fitteds 15% off

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    Date: 1/22/2010
    Title: Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted And Marvels Cover Sale

    Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted and Covers Sale

    kissaluvs Marvels

    Normally the fitteds are 24.95 a piece and the covers are 16.95, so if you were to purchase these items without the sale it would be 41.90

    But during this sale you can get 1 cover and 1 fitted for 35.00 that is a savings of $6.90

    And if you purchase 2 fitteds and 1 cover for 55.00 that is a savings of $11.85

    Kissaluvs Marvel Fitted and Marvel Cover Sale!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/21/2010
    Title: New Products Coming IN!
    Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Diaper Cover! One Size Fitted Diaper Cover

    Here is the bummis AIO I have been wanting to try out! I will be getting the whites at the END of January and the colors at the END of Feburary! Easy Fit by Bummis

    You asked for it, and we got them in for you! Bummis Super Snaps! (They will be here soon anyway! We ordered them!) Super Snaps by Bummis

    Also a new print by bummis, well not new to them but to For the Monster! Celery Dot

    Fabulous Wetbags by Bummis Fabulous Wet Bags by Bummis

    We also ordered more Training Pants by Bummis and Whisper Pants, and small Bio Liners!

    Once we receive in our Kissaluvs One Size Covers We are going to have a sale!
    1 Marvel Fitted OS and 1 Marvel OS Cover for 35.00 OR 2 Marvel Fitted OS Diapers and 1 Marvel OS Cover for 55.00

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    Date: 1/19/2010
    Title: Be sure to follow us!

    We are on Twitter and Facebook AND BLOGGER

    Tweet with me!

    Blog along with me!

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    Date: 1/15/2010
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Accessories 50% OFF!

    Yes! That's RIGHT! Selected Fuzzi Bunz Accessories 50% OFF

    While supplies last we will continue this sale, we will be ordering from the manufacturer during this sale as often as we need to! Fuzzi Bunz is giving us a savings so we are passing it on to you!

    Click on the above image to be taken to our "on sale" page. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see all the Fuzzi Bunz products and other products that are on sale at For the Monster!

    • Fuzzi Bunz Mama Cloth
    • Fuzzi Bunz Double Sided Wipes
    • Fuzzi Bunz In and Out Hanging Pails
    • Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Totes
    • Fuzzi Bunz Organic and Fleece Changing Pads

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    Date: 1/14/2010
    Title: Try Rockin Green Soap Today
    Today only use the code "tryrocking" for 10% off your Rockin' Green purchase!!! This is for purchases of Rockin Green only!!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/13/2010
    Title: Rockin' Green Laundry and Cloth Diaper Detergent

    Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

    I have to start out and say, this detergent is AWSOME! We had been reading great reviews all over the internet about this detergent and what caught our eye, is that it is a cloth diaper detergent as well.

    Like some, we were experiencing stink issues with my son's cloth diapers, so we tried the Rockin' Green soap. First we ordered a few samples, went back and ordered a few more samples, and then ordered the "Rockin Green Bundle". That was it; we were HOOKED!

    We followed the soak instructions for the first time use, and by the second time we washed in the Rockin Green detergent we noticed our smell issues were gone/going away! Our diapers will be washed in Rockin Green from now on!

    Rockin’ Green comes in several different formulas- so there is something for everyone!
    • Soft- this formula is designed for those that have sensitive little ones or soft water.
    • Classic- this is the original formula, and is great for those with moderate hard water, or just those that are battling with stinkies. Comes in unscented and scented varieties.
    • Hard- (coming in 2010!) This formula is designed for the most troubling of water types.
    All Rockin’ Green formulas are designed with the same great ingredients, and work for all water types. Most people do great with the Classic formula, so when in doubt start off with that formula.Rockin’ Green is:
    • Dye free
    • Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin)
    • No fillers
    • No enzymes or optical brighteners
    • 100% Phosphate free
    • Contains natural disinfectants
    • Vegan
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Easy rinsing formula
    • Approved for military use
    • Works wonders on microfiber stink!
    • Perfect for cloth diapers
    • HE compatible
    • Reusable packaging
    • Great for all water types
    • Economical at .13 cents a load!
    Rockin Green does come in many YUMMY scents, but do know it rinses clean so that you have NO residue or scent left on your diapers you only have clean smelling diapers! We wash our diapers in Grape Soda!

    Check our Rockin Green at For the Monster!

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    Date: 1/11/2010
    Title: Store Updates!
    I have been going through the inventory we just counted and matching it against the web site….. I have found many things in inventory not on the site… So here is a list of them..

    Kissaluvs – Cloth N Go Bags
    Cloth N Go Bags
    I should say these were on the site, but with the request a quote on them, you couldn’t purchase them! Anyway, these now have been discontinued by Kissaluvs and you can find them at a lower price and in our clearance section

    Mommy’s Touch:
    MT Diapers

    Touch Tape easy clean one size diapers. What these have are a pocket opening at the back like a normal diaper and one in the front! This means you do not have to touch the inserts when they are dirty, they will come out in the wash on their own! MT has also lowered the Retail pricing on their diapers as well.
    MT AIO

    Touch Tape AIO one size diapers. These are great for heavy wetters!

    Rockin Cloth Diaper Soap
    Rockin Green Laundry soap! Should be here this week (Tuesday).

    Diaper Rite Indian Prefold

    Diaper Rite Indian prefolds… I really like these diapers, I wish Indian prefolds where around BEFORE we started using pocket diapers 6 years ago! These should be in late next week…

    IV Mama Cloth
    Organic Cotton mama cloth by Imse Vimse…. I will hopefully be getting a better description soon. I have these and they are very comfortable!!!

    IV Toddler Liners
    Imse Vimse Toddler Size Liners 100 Count.. Scroll down the page to see them.

    IV AIO
    Imse Vimse AIO – It’s a bulky little diaper, but people like them!!!

    SWADDLEBEES Changing pads…. These are too cute.. I love the cow print myself!

    Bummis Discontiued prints Andy Pandy

    Bummis Discontiued Prints Star Baby
    Discontiued Bummis prints in the clerance section

    Date: 12/29/2009

    That's Right! LOWER PRICING

    Be sure to check out our CLEARANCE section we have lowered prices of EVERYTHING at or below 12.95, EXCEPT on Clearance Organic bumGenius One Size and they are at the lowest price of 16.99! Clearance Section at For the Monster

    Fuzzi Bunz have discontinued Fuzzi Bunz Baby Pink color Small - Large for 12.95 and this are NEW with Inserts!, We have Fuzzi Bunz One Size WITH NO HIP SNAP Pink at 12.95, We have Fuzzi Bunz WITH HIP SNAP NO BONUS ELASTIC at 12.95 so be sure to check out all our other GREAT bargins!

    This is the rock bottom prices so be sure to grab yours while you can!!!

    And don't forget about all the other great sale items we have.

    New Products Added

    We received a small shipment of the Econobum and Flip by bumGenius and we just found the box, so we have added these diapers here:

    Econobum by bumGenius

    The Flip will come with a extra insert while supplies last! Flip and insert give away

    Fuzzi Bunz One Size WITH BONUS ELASTIC Fuzzi Bunz One Size BONUS ELASTIC

    XL FUZZI BUNZ in COLORS! Colors are limited and will change monthly XL FUZZI BUNZ COLORS

    Last but not least we have added the Thirsties DUO Wraps and FAB FITTED cloth diapers to our site!!! Thirsties Duo Wraps and Fab Fitteds

    Sale Items

    bumGenius is having a buy 5 get 1 free sale! So we have lowered our prices by 17%, this means you are getting 1 diaper free for every 5 you purchase! We have lowered the price on our single diapers AND our diaper packages!!! Single Diapers
    bumGenius 3.0 Diaper Packages

    We have also put our 3 layer Fuzzi Bunz inserts on sale! Fuzzi Bunz Sale 3 Layer Inserts

    Have a safe and fun New Years Eve!!!

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    Date: 12/25/2009
    Title: bumGenius 3.0 - Buy 5 get 1 Free!

    Buy 5 Get 1 FREE BumGenius 3.0 Pocket Diapers

    That's right your favorite cloth diaper is on sale, and this doesn't happen very often!

    This sale will be valid until Jan. 8th 2010 or while supplies last!!

    All prices have been lowered 17% on single diapers and all packages, so you have to do NOTHING but order the package you want! We have calculated the cost saving for you!!!

    We have added many new items to the store so please check back through out the day as we update our blog!

    Merry Christmas, and have a safe and Happy New Year!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/25/2009
    Merry Christmas ONCE AGAIN! I have finally finished adding products updating stock levels and putting stuff ON SALE!!!! So I will go down the list!

    New Products Added

    We received a small shipment of the Econobum and Flip by bumGenius and we just found the box, so we have added these diapers here:

    Econobum by bumGenius

    The Flip will come with a extra insert while supplies last! Flip and insert give away

    Fuzzi Bunz One Size WITH BONUS ELASTIC Fuzzi Bunz One Size BONUS ELASTIC

    XL FUZZI BUNZ in COLORS! Colors are limited and will change monthly XL FUZZI BUNZ COLORS

    Last but not least we have added the Thirsties DUO Wraps and FAB FITTED cloth diapers to our site!!! Thirsties Duo Wraps and Fab Fitteds

    Sale Items

    bumGenius is having a buy 5 get 1 free sale! So we have lowered our prices by 17%, this means you are getting 1 diaper free for every 5 you purchase! We have lowered the price on our single diapers AND our diaper packages!!! Single Diapers
    bumGenius 3.0 Diaper Packages

    We have also put our 3 layer Fuzzi Bunz inserts on sale! Fuzzi Bunz Sale 3 Layer Inserts

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    Date: 12/11/2009
    Title: Making ROOM! Thirsties Covers ON SALE

    We have a large order of Thirsties Covers coming and also the Duo Wraps coming! So we want to move some of our current stock!

    Check out our Thirsties cover sale!!! Thirsties Covers This sale will end on 12/18/09 at midnight!

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    Date: 12/11/2009
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Micro Fiber Inserts
    Fuzzi Bunz inserts are on sale 3.00 per inserts!! that is $1.20 off!

    Check them out! Micro fiber insert Sale

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    Date: 11/27/2009
    Yes we are joining in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!!! Here's the RULES of the Sale at For the Monster!

    1. This sale starts at midnight on 11/26/09 we will not back date for any orders before midnight CST.

    2. We will not start shipping until 11/30/09 and we will ship in the order as the orders came in!

    The sale will end at Monday night at midnight CST.

    3. If something you order is out of stock, you will be contacted to see if a color replacement is acceptable or if you would like to wait for our order to come in.

    Here's the details of our Black Friday Sale!!!
    • Orders over 100.00 Dollars BEFORE shipping will receive a 5.00 gift certificate code with their order
    • Orders over 150.00 Dollars BEFORE shipping will recieve a 10.00 gift certificate code with their order!
    • Orders over 200.00 BEFORE shipping will recieve a 15.00 gift certificate code with their order!
    There is nothing you have to do but spend money with us! We have set up the cart to charge NO SHIPPING and we will send you your code in your order and by e-mail... This code will only be for 1 year!

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    Date: 9/6/2009
    Hello All,

    We just added our mama pads to our Labor Day Sale!

    Labor Day Sale On MAMA CLOTH

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    Date: 9/3/2009


    We have been counting like mad around here today! We have decided to have a Labor Day Sale on some of our FAVORITE items here at For the Monster!

    All diapers on sale are on single diaper purchases ONLY! Diaper packages are at full pricing. TO RECIEVE THE SALE PRICE YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE YOUR DIAPERS BY THE SINGLE.

    Fuzzi Bunz One Size Cloth Diapers:Fuzzi Bunz One Size

    Fuzzi Bunz Sized Diapers:

    X Small




    Petite Toddler

    Diaper Accessories: Cloth Wipes

    Manual and Electric Breast Pumps

    Manual Pumps

    Electric Pumps

    I have also added some Fuzzi Bunz ONE SIZE with NO HIP SNAP to the Clearance Section:PINK ONLY

    Another FIRST at for the monster! We will be taking Labor Day off! The regular mail will not run that day, so we will start packing orders on Tuesday, in the order that we recieve them. This sale starts at 9:00 PM CST on 9/3/09 and will run until midnight on 9/7/09. We will not honor sale prices on orders placed before the start time on 9/3/09 or after the end date and time of 9/7/09 at midnight.

    Have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend!


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    Date: 7/23/2009
    We have been busy little monsters here! We have new product added to the store!!


    Check out the new ONE SIZE FITTED DIAPER by kissaluvs Kissaluvs Marvels

    Blueberry Training Pants! Blueberry Training Pants

    Diaper Packages:

    Fuzzi Bunz One Size Diaper Packages

    Kissaluvs Diaper Packages

    It's getting Nap Mat or Sleep Mat season again we have just added some new mats for boys and girls

    Nap Mats Make sure you scroll down the entire page!!!

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    Date: 7/6/2009
    Title: Busy Working!
    We have been busy working this Holiday weekend! Our little monsters had a blast this 4th of July, we hope that your family did too!

    Now on to the fun stuff. We have added some items to our clearance section to make room for new products or in this case inventory we just found in a box!

    Make sure you check out or clearance section. We have put our bumGenius AIO Organics with Aplix closures on sale. bumGenius will no longer be making the Aplix closure in the organics anymore. They will only be manufacturing the snap version of this organic diaper.

    Clearance Section at For the Monster

    Snap Organic bumGenius

    So make sure you check out both sections! We also lowered the price on most of the clearance section items as well.

    We have also added some Swaddlebees Aplix Closure AIO
    Swaddlebees AIO Aplix Closures

    Fuzzi Bunz One Size In MORE colors

    Yes that's right, we have finally put them on the web site!!! This round of Fuzzi Bunz one size now come with the hip snap.
    Fuzzi Bunz ONE Size

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    Date: 7/1/2009


    Yes, that's right. I just found several drawer full of diapers I didn't realize we had... OUCH... So we have quickly added them to the clearance section and priced them to sell! Clearance section at For the Monster

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    Date: 6/15/2009
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Mama Cloth
    YEAH!! It's finally here! I can't wait to try out the New and Improved Mama Cloth from Fuzzi Bunz.. Yes, I just said I can't wait.. I must be crazy!!!! LOL

    Fuzzi Bunz new design is now all one piece! No more snap in liners!

    Fuzzi Bunz Mama Cloth

    With the new design, the Fuzzi Bunz mama pads are sure to become your favorite menstrual cloth!

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    Date: 4/24/2009
    Title: Andrew's hand surgery
    Well the day has finally came, BUT Andrew's hand surgery is 4/28/09. This is the surgery we find out if he will have three individual fingers on his hand, or just what we will be dealing with....

    So shipping will be delayed for a few days while we have sugery.

    ALL prayers and well wishes are excepted!!!!

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    Date: 1/29/2009
    Title: WE ARE HERE
    Our move to Elkins Arkansas has been a little more exciting than we first orginially thought. On Monday we were hit with a large ice storm, and then more ice. Then we lost power.

    We are happy to say that all orders have shipped as of 1/29/09 so we are back on track with shipping.

    We send out prayers to all the people of North West Arkansas that are still without power tonight. We will try to grab some pictures and post them here.

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    Date: 1/18/2009
    Title: WE ARE MOVING!!!
    Yes, that is correct!! For the Monster / Cloth Diaper Central is moving. We are headed to Northwest Arkansas. As most families have been effect by the declining economy, so has the Monster Family. We thank our Lord and Savior that my husband was offered a job within his same company, this is the reason for our relocation to Elkins Arkansas.

    Now that moving day is upon us, For the Monster will remain open for orders, with a delayed ship date. All order will begin shipping on 1/27/09 in the order that they were received.

    All orders received by midnight 1/19/09 CST will ship as normal on 1/20/09. Orders received 12:01 AM CST or later will ship beginning on 1/27/09. No Exceptions.

    During the week of 1/20/09 through 1/26/09 we will have limited access to the internet, so if you need to contact us please call 888-886-4166. We will try to answer your questions.

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    Date: 12/30/2008
    Title: Accepting American Express
    We also now except American Express credit cards. We will work on getting that image added to our home page as well.
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    Date: 12/30/2008
    Title: Accepting American Express
    We also now except American Express credit cards. We will work on getting that image added to our home page as well.
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/30/2008


    That's right. We have WAY to many smalls in stock for it to be the end of the year. So this means that you get the deal, because we over bought!

    The sale is for single diaper purchases only. If you purchase a diaper package you will pay full price for the smalls, so please take advantage of the single diaper pricing.

    Small Fuzzi Bunz Click Here

    This sale will run until we run out of diapers or midnight 1/1/09

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    Date: 12/10/2008
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Accessories and MORE
    We have lots of things new in the store, well at least 4 things!

    We are EXCITED to say the Accessories from Fuzzi Bunz are back! We are ordering products as they become available. We have the new Fuzzi Bunz Organic Wipes, Diaper Totes,Wonder Wipes, Changing Pads, and the every popular Leak Proof Breast Pads back in stock.

    As I am able to order more accessories from Fuzzi Bunz I will.

    We still have the bumGenius 3.0 - 4 packs on Sale until 12.12.08…

    bumGenius 4 packs

    This is really a good purchase on 4 diapers.

    Our Clearance Section:

    Clearance Sale

    We have added diaper covers to this section. PLEASE go check this section out!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/9/2008

    YES, That Right. The Fuzzi Bunz Accessories and Breast Pads ARE BACK

    From now until the first of the year we will be ordering the Fuzzi Bunz accessories as they are able to be ordered!!!!

    We also have the Leak Proof breast pads back in stock.. Wonder Wipes and the NEW organic Wonder Wipes.... Once we get them all on the site we will be putting direct links to each product so please be checking back.

    ALSO JUST ADDED Petite Toddler Fuzzi Bunz

    We also have XL Fuzzi Bunz as well.

    So check back often as we are working on getting these products added.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 11/28/2008


    Yes For the Monster is going to have a Black Friday Sale!

    bumGenius 4 Packs in limited quantities and for a limited time! This package deal is a savings of 10.00 plus!! check out the bumGenius 4 Pack Deals Here!!!

    We have been adding new items to the store all day. Here is another great savings for you nursing moms! Body Silk by Bravado This bra is comfortable. I own one and it is my favorite nursing bra for sure!

    We also have added some new prints to our Wahmies Wet Bags, and also more Pail Liners.

    Be sure to check out our ON SALE section for even more great savings! ON SALE

    We will be working through the weekend adding stuff and putting stuff on sale, so PLEASE check back all weekend long!

    BEST OF ALL --- During check out receive an EXTRA 5% off your order! The cart will automatically figure your savings in for you!

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    Date: 11/1/2008

    Both Styles of Diaper Sprayers Are In Stock!

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    Date: 10/23/2008
    Be sure to check our clearance section often because we are doing a little fall cleaning around here and finding LOTS of clearance items for you. Here is our first item.

    Clearance colors on the Mommy's Touch Wet Bags. Mommy's Touch Clearance Wet Bag Colors

    We have also found some prints of the Mommys Touch Snap AIO as well. Mommys Touch Clearance AIO Snap Prints

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    Date: 10/15/2008


    With the economy the way it is, the makers of Fuzzi Bunz have lowered their price down to help ease the pain of purchasing diapers! Also be sure to check out the Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Packages!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 10/3/2008
    Title: Something NEW at For the Monster
    We are going to start having

    Monster Deals of The Day

    here at For the Monster.

    The deals of the day will run between certain hours only! Since today is the first time for this we will run the deal of the day until 6 pm CST today 10/3/08.

    Moby Wraps are 3.00 OFF today! Go check out your favorite color of Moby Wrap. These make excellent gifts for new moms!

    Monster Deal of The DAY!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 10/3/2008
    Title: The Monster Deal
    We have decided to leave the monster deal up ALL WEEKEND! take advantage of our special pricing on the Moby Wraps!
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    Date: 9/26/2008
    Title: Inventory Updated
    We have added the new Happy Heiny prints in One Size:

    Silly Monkey
    Peace Bears

    We have also restocked the Happy Heinys Postpartum mama pads.

    Happy Heinys One Size

    Happy Heinys Mama Cloth

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    Date: 9/20/2008
    We are making room for the new style of diaper covers! We HAVE to get these out the door so we can order they new style. Check out this awsome price on first quality diaper covers!Sale on Thirsties Covers
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    Date: 9/19/2008
    Title: Store Updates
    Here we are speeding towards Fall. Are you ready for it to get cold? We have been working on a few long forgotten products on our web site. MAYA WRAP! We have updated the colors and product offerings on the site.

    Maya Wrap

    Did you know that bumGenius has come out with 4 new colors for the One Size 3.0? They are on order and we are waiting to get them in the store! Once we do we will send out a notice to our yahoo group. We sure these are colors that will go fast!!!

    We have also stock items in our breast pump replacement part section as well....

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/31/2008
    Title: Labor Day Code!
    This code is just for you that read the blog! When you check out use the code laborday and you will receive 5% off AND FREE SHIPPING!

    The catch is you HAVE to use the code when you check out. We will not go back and adjust orders, so please do not ask us to do so.

    The code is only good until midnight on 9/1/08

    Tonight we have lowered the price of the stuff in our clearance section once again! There are some good diapers in that section, thanks to manufacturer upgrades, these diapers have landed in the clearance section!

    We also have cow print Happy Heiny's One Size in stock and ready to ship. All sorts of brocade mama pads in stock.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/30/2008
    Title: Brocade Mama Pads
    We have just received a rather LARGE shipment of Brocade Mama Pads from Mommy's Touch. If you like the Mommy's Touch Pads now is the time to stock up. We have lowered the price by 1.00. This makes them the same price of the solid pads.

    Mommy's Touch Brocade Mama Pads

    Are you looking to build your cloth diaper stash? Be sure to check out our clearance section as well!!

    FtM Clearance Section

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    Date: 7/31/2008
    We have just finished adding the NEW Organic One Size AIO by bumGenius!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/30/2008
    Title: Store Stocking
    Hello today we have spent most of the day working on restocking several items.

    Baby Kicks Washies

    Hemparoo Joey Bunz All Sizes

    We also restock Mommy's Touch pads with Black Tops and Also added some medium size Mommy's Touch Wet Bags

    We are also working on the Baby Gift Basket page. We are adding new baskets and LOWERING THE PRICE of the baskets!!!!

    We Have NEW PRODUCTS Here AT For the Monster

    Check out Toodle Bugz Leg Warmers These are cute and functional!!!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/29/2008
    Title: Stocking
    We have just restock BabyKicks Hemparoo Joey Bunz in all sizes and Baby Kicks washies in Green, Red, Lavender.

    We have a LARGE shipment of bumGenius 3.0 due to arrive 7/30/08

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    Date: 6/28/2008
    Title: Stocking Information

    We have lots to talk about! We are finally recovering from having Andrew in April! I know two months later! Here you go! This is Andrew!

    We are rather proud of him and so is his brother!!

    Back to business. We have several new products we will be working on adding to the store. One of the products is Wonderoos! If you were cloth diapering about 3 years ago Wonderoos were around then. The pattern has been sold to a company named HipHip Baby, and they are making the Wonderoos right here in the US, and are being distributed by Swaddlebees. This was one of the first one size diapers on the marked back then. I do believe it will be a wonderful addition to ANY one size cloth diaper stash. We have Wonderoos in our own personal stash again! We also have set up diaper packages! Check them out at Wonderoos Diaper Packages

    We will be working on adding
    • Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads by Swaddlebees
    • Stay Dry Menstrual Pads by Swaddlebees
    • Blueberry One Size Deluxe
    • Blueberry Front Snap AIO
    • Blueberry Mini Deluxe
    • Medibottle - medicine dispenser for infants
    • Thirsties AIO (old style)

    We have a large shipment of bumGenius 3.0 coming in next week, Mommy's Touch Pail liners and mama cloth, Wahmies pail liners and a few print wet bags.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/28/2008
    Title: La Leche League Meeting in Frontenac Kansas
    For the Monster is proud to announce Southeast Kansas now has our very own LLL group. This group meets the first Thursday at 6 pm, and third Tuesday at 10 am of every month at the Frontenac Catholic Church. For more information you may contact the LLL Group leader Tabitha Mason at

    If you are a new mom, mom to be considering breastfeeding or a mom that is breastfeeding please join us at a meeting.

    Please also feel free to check out the group blog at Frontenac LLL Blog

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    Date: 5/30/2008
    Hello All,

    We are sorry to say, but our newborn boy has been hospitalized once again. We were admitted on 5/29/08 so order placed on the 29th forward will not ship until 6/5/08.

    We are sorry for any problems this may cause. We welcome all prayers

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    Date: 5/19/2008
    Title: NOTICE

    We will be able to answer the phone if you should have any questions. If we do not answer right away please leave a message.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/7/2008
    Title: OUT OF STOCK ON 3.0 bumGenius
    Hello All,

    I'm sorry to say we are OUT OF STOCK on all colors of the 3.0 One Size bumGenius cloth diapers. We are working very hard to get these in stock.

    We have several orders in with the manufacturer and will update you every time we get an order in.

    We are sorry for the lack of diapers.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/18/2008
    Title: Stocking Updates
    We are a little behind here at For the Monster. We lost our Mom on Feb. 10, 2008 we are sorry for the slow shipping during the week of the 11th, but this was a surprise in life that we just were NOT ready for.

    We have been working hard and FINALLY have the bumGenius 3.0 set up in singles and on our diaper package page. So if you have been waiting for us to get these set up we are sorry and they are ready for purchase.

    We also have the new fuzzi bunz in stock and ready for shipment, and should be expecting our second shipment the 3 week of March.

    We also have the Thirsties new AIO that we need to put on the web site.. We hope to have those up in the next few days!!!!

    We have also added our Stacinator order that has been setting here. We have added to the Stretch Wool, and to the So Simple inventory.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/19/2008
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz

    When have updated the purchase single page AND diaper packages! Take your time to check out the new style of Fuzzi Bunz
    New Fuzzi Bunz Are Here

    We moved the old style fuzzi bunz to our clearance section.
    Old Style Fuzzi Bunz Clearance

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    Date: 1/15/2008
    Title: 2008
    Here we are in 2008 ALREADY! 2007 went by very quickly for us. We lost 2 very important people to For the Monster family last year, so we are looking forward to a good 2008.

    We just wanted to let you know that we have been ordering products like MAD! We have the bumGenius 3.0's on order, we have ordered large bumGenius AIO, MORE Happy Heiny's wet bags, and breast pads. We are getting ready to order the Bummis Super Brights so be watching out for those in the next 30 days!

    FUZZI BUNZ New Style have been ordered we are just waiting for our shipping notification we are hoping to have them in house the last week of January! So please watch for our site updates to reflect the new style of Fuzzi Bunz.


    That's right, For the Monster now has a clearance section! This is new, and we are slowly adding product to this section to bring you even MORE savings!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/5/2007
    Title: Where to start????
    Wow! I just can not believe it has been since September that I have written anything!
    We have had so much go on it crazy! We found out that we will be having an addition to the For the Monster family next April.

    Now for store information. bumGenius 2.0 One Size diapers are on Clearance to make way for the new 3.0 One Size coming out soon. We have FINALLY ordered the bumGenius AIO, and they should be arriving soon. We have also received in an order from Happy Heiny's so HH Mama Pads are restocked.

    We know carry the bumGenius Commode Diaper Sprayer. It is the same mini shower you have come to love, but with a better look! CHROME! I have not had a chance to update the web site yet, but I will go at least update the picture!

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something. IF I remember I will post it!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/17/2007
    Title: Mommy's Touch Accessories
    We have finally unpacked the box that has been setting here week! We have restocked the changing pads, and the wet bags. You really should check out that cool new print of wetbags, by Mommy's Touch.

    We are also working on getting the new style of Mommy's Touch on our web site, this will include the snap diapers, hook and look closures, in the AIO and the new easy clean.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/12/2007
    Title: 14 Day Money Back Guarentee!!!

    on the Happy Heiny's ONE SIZE DIAPER!

    This offer is good for ONE IN STOCK diaper at For the FOR A LIMITED TIME!!!

    For the Monster wants you to try the Happy Heiny's One Size pocket diapers, what a way to try them RISK FREE! So why not try a Happy Heiny's One Size TODAY!

    We require that if you do return your diaper that you follow our return policy, and then the diaper be in excellent / good used condition. If you have questions about our 14 day money back guarantee please feel free to contact us at 888-886-4166.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/23/2007
    Title: bumGenius AIO Restocked!

    bumGenius AIO RESTOCKED!

    We have restocked the bumGenius AIO! These are a must have in cloth diapering so please get yours today before they are GONE!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/23/2007
    Title: Swaddlebees

    Swaddlebees AIO and Diaper Pail Liners and Tote Bags

    OH MY! How could I forget to mention what we have already stored away!

    We are working at building our instock levels on the AIO. Many colors in stock in all sizes!
    We have also restocked on the pail liners and wetbags from Swaddlebees!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/23/2007
    Title: SECONDS! Mommy's Touch Mama Pads!
    We are working hard at getting all these boxes out of here today! This means that we are stocking more items!

    The first item we have just put away is

    Mommy's Touch Mama Pads SECONDS!

    We have priced these so you can try some if you are thinking of switching to cloth for yourself as well!
    Swing by and take a look at our wide selection of colors and package pricing!

    Mommy's Touch Seconds

    Visit our blog often as we are getting ready to move on to our box of prefolds and bumGenius AIO's!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/15/2007
    Title: bumGenius AIO
    We just received the backorder of bumGenius AIO!

    We know have all colors of bumGenius AIO in the X - Small, and limited colors of all other sizes!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 8/14/2007
    Title: Mommy's Touch Brocade Pads
    We have just restocked our Mommy's Touch Brocade Pads with black tops and white tops!

    We have even lowered the price of the pads as well! Be sure to check them out!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/9/2007
    Title: Re Stock

    Re Stocked Imse Vimse

    We have re stocked Imse Vimse Swim Diapers, and training pants.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/5/2007
    Title: All 3 Fuzzi Bunz Prints Are Here

    Fuzzi Bunz Print Gingham and Flowers

    Our order is almost here! It will be here tomorrow. For the Monster now has all three Fuzzi Bunz Prints. Fuzzi Bunz Prints Go check out these limited prints.....

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/29/2007
    Title: Re stock
    We have restocked the Mommy's Touch Wet Bags and Changing Pads! Please take the time to view our new colors!
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/16/2007
    Title: Baby Kicks Joey Bunz

    We have restocked Baby Kicks Joey Bunz.... Small, Medium, Large.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/12/2007
    Title: New Sleep Mats / Nap Mats
    They new style of mats in and ready for purchase! With the over sized blanket and and new patterns and longer and wider these mats are sure to be the hit of preschool or daycare.

    You can choose to have your sleep mat personalized with your child's name, or you can purchase it without. With the fun new patterns we are sure you will find on that your child will like.

    Sleep Mats / Nap Mats Be sure to check out our new mats!
    Noah's Arc Sleep Mat
    Play Ball Sleep Mat / Nap Mat
    Wheel Fun Sleep Mat / Nap Mat
    Wild Flowers Sleep Mat / Nap Mat
    Luv Bugz Sleep Mat / Nap Mat

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/8/2007
    Yes, we were able to order some LARGE trains!

    Fuzzi Bunz Prints

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 6/8/2007
    Title: Re stocked!
    Wow were to start. Summer has started with a bang for us! Busy Busy Busy! Running here and going there! As we get into the full swing of summer we have been busy re stocking our store!

    We have received another shipment of Fuzzi Bunz diapers , all colors and sizes in stock and ready to ship!

    Moby Wrap baby Carriers are in stock and ready to ship as well. We have Turquoise and SAND, in the UV protection wraps. Sand is the new color for UV protection.With more on the way to us of other brands

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/23/2007
    Title: New Baby Gifts Added

    New Baby Gift Sets

    We have added the most adorable baby gifts! Please take the time to go and look for yourself. Baby Gifts Click Here

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    Date: 5/19/2007

    All Aboard Train PRINTS Are Here!

    We have stocked the train prints and the zoo prints. Sorry no size larges, the manufacturer is making limited amounts of them and we just couldn't snag any this time...

    Be sure to check out the train prints before they are gone. Fuzzi Bunz Prints Click Here Be sure to scroll though the entire page so you can see both prints.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/7/2007
    Title: Thirsties Diaper Covers

    New Product Thirsties Diaper Covers

    We have added Thirsties Cloth Diaper Covers to For The Monster. We wanted to give you another option for cloth diaper covers!

    Please take a look at our newest product!Click Here For Thirsties Diaper Covers

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/1/2007
    Title: Medium Joey Bunz Re stocked
    Also re stocked is Medium Joey Bunz!
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 5/1/2007
    Title: Re Stocked Happy Heiny's Mama Pads
    We have been busy re stocking our store!

    Today we have re stocked the Happy Heiny's regular and Post Partum pads.
    Happy Heiny's Mama Pads

    We have also restocked Happy Heiny's Pocket Diapers.

    LOTS of Fuzzi Bunz in stock!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 4/19/2007
    Title: bumGenius 2.0 with Inserts IN STOCK

    bumGenius 2.0 All Colors IN STOCK

    We have just finished putting away the order, so now you can purchase your bumGenius 2.0 One Size Diaper!

    Order bumGenius 2.0 by clicking here:bumGenius 2.0

    Order bumGenius 2.0 in a package deal and save money! Click Here: bumGenius 2.0 Cloth Diaper Packages

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 4/13/2007
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz IN STOCK


    All colors in stock and ready to ship! We are running low on red!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 4/13/2007
    Title: Imse Vimse Swim Diapers Re - Stocked
    Imse Vimse Swim Diapers have been re-stocked and ready for shipment.
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 3/6/2007
    Title: Server Upgrades Complete

    Server Upgrades Complete

    We at For the Monster want to take the time to let you know that we are up and running only after a SHORT 15 hours being down. Our estimated down time was 48 hours. So you can imagine how happy we are!

    We want to say a BIG thank you to Tony for getting us up so quickly and how glad we are that our store is running faster!

    So please take the time to look around!


    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/26/2007
    Title: Imse Vimse Training Pants New and Re Stocked!

    Imse Vimse Training Pants Re Stocked and New Mocha and Olive Organic Velour Added

    Be sure to swing by our potty learning section to see our wide selection and our newest additions to the training pants line...Training Pants Click Here

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/23/2007
    Title: bumGenius AIO Diaper Packages

    bumGenius AIO Diaper Packages Added

    FTM has added diaper packages on the bumGenius! AIO. We know the inital cost of starting to cloth diaper is expensive. So we have added the AIO packages!

    Please take the time to look over all of our diaper packages. We are sure you will find on that fits your needs. IF NOT let us know and we will be happy to put one together for you!

    bumGenius AIO Cloth Diaper Packages

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/17/2007
    Title: Pre-Folds Added and New!

    Re Stocked and Added Chinese Prefolds in Bleached and Unbleached

    If you like to use diaper covers and prefolds we know have 4 different sizes to choose from in bleached (white) or unbleached (natural). Click Here for Prefolds

    Now you can choose from Bummis Cloth Diaper Covers, ProRap Diaper Covers, or the whole Stacinator line to complete your cloth diapering needs.

    Also be sure to check out What's New section to see all the new products we have been adding to our store.

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    Date: 2/16/2007
    Title: Free Micro Fiber Insert Drybees and Mommy's Touch In Stock Diapers

    For A Limited Time

    For the Monster is offering a free micro fiber insert with the purchase of any IN STOCK Drybees or Mommy's Touch Pocket Diapers.

    View Drybees Here

    View Mommy's Touch Here

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    Date: 2/10/2007
    Title: NOW HERE! Cotton Babies One Size Inserts!

    Cotton Babies One Size Inserts

    Are now here at For The Monster! Per your request! If you are looking for a good one size insert you should give these a try!

    Cotton Babie One Size Inserts

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    Date: 2/9/2007
    Title: Re Stocked bumGenius 2.0 and AIO
    We have re - stocked the bumGenius 2.0 and the bumGenius Deluxe AIO!
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/7/2007
    Title: Mommy's Touch AIO Diaper Packages
    It just amazes me every time I come to update the blog. Why? I am amazed because of the date of my last entry. It just seems like I was here YESTERDAY!

    Per customer request I have contacted Mommy's Touch and they have also gave package pricing on the Mommy's Touch All In One. So I just wanted to let you know. If you are thinking about purchasing MT AIO check out our packages.

    Mommy's Touch AIO Package Pricing

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/16/2007
    Title: bumGenius 2.0 and bumGenius AIO RE - STOCKED

    bumGenius 2.0 and bumGenius AIO RE - STOCKED!

    Tonight we re - stocked the bumGenius products!

    click here for bumGenius AIO

    Click Here For: bumGenius 2.0 One Size Diaper

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    Date: 1/12/2007
    Title: Bravado Nursing Tanks

    Bravado Nursing Tanks at For The Monster

    We have added the Bravado Nursing Tanks to our Bravado Bra Section! These tanks are COMFORTABLE! These tanks can be worn during pregnancy and after, stylish yet comfortable.

    Bravado Nursing Tanks

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    Date: 1/11/2007
    Title: Bummis is HERE!
    bummis diaper covers
    We are excited to bring you the Bummis line of diaper covers! Please take the time to look at our in stock items of Bummis... Click Here to View Bummis Please also looking in our Potty learning section for Bummis training pants. Bummis Training Pants. Do not forget the Multi use Bummis Wet / Tote Bags. Bummis Tote / Wet Bags

    Thank you for taking the time to look at the newest products at For The Monster!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/9/2007
    Title: Happy New Year
    Wow, I just can not believe it is the 9th of Jan. already! Sorry this post is a little late, but I do want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

    We are working on new and exciting things for 2007! Our frist new addition to FTM will be arriving to us on 1/10/07! We are very excited about this new addition. Over the next couple of days we will be working hard to get this product up on the site for orders!

    Tonight we have also added the Bravado Nursing Tanks! For now we are sorry to say this product will have a lead time of 7 to 14 business days as we build our stock of Nursing tanks. Please swing by and take a look at the Bravado Essential Nursing Tanks. Click Here To View Bravado Tanks

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, and thank you for a wonderful 2006! Please be sure to check back often to see all that we are doing around here at FTM!

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    Date: 12/28/2006
    Title: Diaper Accessories In Stock

    Citris Circles, Dirtz Pins, and T-shirt Layettes Now In Stock!

    Take the time to visit our cloth diaper accessories page to see the latest addition to the line up.

    Cloth Diaper Accessories at For the Monster

    Also be sure to check out the latest addition to the infant clothing line! T - Shirt Layettes

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    Date: 12/21/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch - Mama Pads ON SALE

    Merry Christmas Mama's

    For the Monster wants to give mama a Christmas gift! We have put all our Mommy's Touch Mama Pads on sale just for you!

    We are going to run the mama pads on sale until January 8, 2007 so you can get your house calmed down and then purchase presents for yourself.

    So Mama have fun with Christmas and be sure to come purchase a gift for yourself!

    Check out our WIDE selection of Mommy's Touch Mama Pads! Click Here To View Mommy's Touch Mama Pads Solids and Brocades

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    Date: 12/18/2006
    Title: Re Stock - Fuzzi Bunz

    Re Stocking On Fuzzi Bunz

    We have received our order of Fuzzi Bunz and now have them showing as in stock!

    We also carry all 5 colors of the X-Small or Preemie Fuzzi Bunz.

    Looking for Petite Toddler Fuzzi Bunz? We also carry those as well!

    Take a look at the wide range of in stock and ready to ship colors and sizes! Fuzzi Bunz at For the Monster

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/6/2006
    Title: bumGenius Deluxe AIO IN STOCK

    bumGenius Deluxe AIO IN STOCK

    New PUL outer!

    Click Here To Order

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/4/2006
    Title: bumGenius Deluxe AIO

    New Product: bumGenius Deluxe AIO

    We at For the Monster know how much you like the pocket bumGenius so we thought we would add the bumGenius All In One.
    bumGenius AIO

    With the bumGenius AIO it's all in one and ready to use.
    • No Stuffing or No folding.
    • No cover required.
    • The closures are hook and loop, just like disposable diapers making the bumGenius AIO easy to use
    • The inner core is ultra-absorbent
    • The lining fabric keeps your baby's bottom dry
    • The tabs have that stretch that you love in deluxe disposable diapers
    • The ultra-gentle leg elastic will keep the messes in!
    If you are new to cloth diapers or a veteran, this is a diaper your should try! Our diapers have shipped from the manufacturer and are on the way to us, so you can pre - orders your today. Click Here To Pre - Order bumGenius AIO

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 11/17/2006
    Title: bumGenius! 2.0 One Size Cloth Diaper

    Introducing the bumGenius 2.0 and The New Blossom Color!

    • The new diapers may be washed in any temperature up to 150F.
    • The one-size now features a new PUL outer.
    • There is a second line of stitching at the top edge of all the new one-size diapers. The top edge has also been trimmed ever so slightly. These two changes stabilize that part of the diaper and help to prevent wicking at the waist.
    • The recommended size range is now 8-35 pounds.
    • Double-crossover tabs are standard now on all diapers.
    Now you can wash your bumGenius! on hot with all your other diapers, and put them in the dryer as well. For The Monster suggest that you hang dry all your diapers!

    These diapers are ready for pre - order. Please leave a vaild e-mail
    address so that we can keep you up today on shipping times or delays!

    check out the new bumGenius here:Visit the bumGenius Page:

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    Date: 11/11/2006
    Title: New Snappi Colors

    More Snappi Colors

    We have added the following colors to the Snappi's offering.....


    Light Blue

    Dark Purple

    You may view the entire color selection by clicking here

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    Date: 11/6/2006
    Title: Re - Stocked on MANY ITEM

    Fuzzi Bunz, Diva Cups, Mommy's Touch AIO, Mommy's Touch Cloth for Mom,

    NEW - Cloth for Mom by the makers of Fuzzi Bunz!
    NEW - Mommy's Touch Changing Pads,
    NEW - Petite Toddler Fuzzi Bunz

    We have worked hard to bring you the products you wanted with a wider selection of colors and sizes.

    Please don't take our word for it, check out our products for yourself!

    Fuzzi Bunz and Petite Toddlers Click Here:

    Click Here to View Diva Cups and Mama Cloth:

    Click Here To View Mommy's Touch AIO

    Click Here To View Mommy's Touch Changing Pads

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    Date: 10/29/2006
    Title: DryBees

    DryBees In Stock!

    We have received our DryBees! Please take the time to look over our newest product at For the Monster!

    Click Here To View DryBees Page

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    Date: 10/27/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch AIO


    Mommy's Touch AIO

    We do believe this diaper is going to help the mom's and dad's that have heavy wetting children!

    Don't take our word for it try one out for yourself! We have another order of these diapers on the way so check back often!

    Click Here to View the Mommy's Touch AIO Page

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 10/25/2006
    Title: Imse Vimse Trainers

    Imse Vimse Cloth Trainers

    Are now back in stock.

    Click Here to View Our Potty Learning Page

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    Date: 10/22/2006
    Title: Petite Toddlers Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers

    New To For The Monster - Petite Toddler Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers

    Now For The Monster offers your child an even better fit of there Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers.

    Is your child too tall for mediums but to thin in the legs for larges? The the petite toddler is just what you are looking for. The petite toddler has the rise of the large to give your child coverage they need, and smaller legs than the mediums for those thinner thighs.

    Click Here To Visit Our Petite Toddler Fuzzi Bunz Page

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 10/21/2006
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Re - Stocked

    Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers RE STOCKED!

    We have restocked our Fuzzi Bunz colors! We now have a good selection of colors in all sizes. If you are wondering what we have in stock, please look at our individual fuzzi bunz pages. You will see [1] by the color name. That indicates the number of that color we have IN STOCK!


    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 10/1/2006
    Title: Mama Pads

    $2.00 OFF all Mommy's Touch Mama Cloth

    Yes, this is true! If you are wanting to try cloth for yourself this is the time to try it. You will receive 2.00 off on all In - Stock Mommy's Touch mama cloth!

    Click here to see the selection of In stock Mommy's Touch Cloth Pads.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/29/2006
    Title: bumGenius IN STOCK

    bumGenius! in stock

    Are you looking for a good one size diaper? Then you need to take a look at the bumGenius! Please take a look at the bumGenius in stock page.

    bumGenius In - Stock

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/22/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch Restocked

    Mommy's Touch One Size Diapers

    We have received our shipment of Mommy's Touch.

    We now have the Mommy's Touch Diapers with Matching Snaps, and a design change. There is one less snap on the diapers with colored snaps. Once the white snap diapers are sold For The Monster will only carry the diapers that have the matching snaps!

    If you are looking for a One Size Diaper Please take a look at the Mommy's Touch Diapers! You will need to purchase an insert separately to make the diaper function properly.

    To see the Mommy's Touch Diapers Click Here. Make sure you scroll down the page to see all the Mommy's Touch products offered.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/21/2006
    Title: Wahmies Wet Bags and Pail Liners Re - Stocked

    Wahmies Products Re Stocked!

    Are you looking for that cute and hip wet bag? Look no further!! Wahmies, have added some really REALLY cute prints to the line up!

    Check them out at Wahmies Wet Bags!

    Diaper Pail Liners

    We have added to the color selection of our diaper pail liners! Please take a look at all the colors offered of Wahmies Diaper Pail Liners. Wahmies Diaper Pail Liners

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/12/2006
    Title: BabyKicks JoeyBunz RESTOCKED
    Hello All,

    Just wanted to let you know that we now have all size of Joey Bunz inserts in stock. If you are looking for some extra protection, this is the hemp insert that you are looking for!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 9/7/2006
    Title: bumGenius Stock

    bumGenius Pocket Diapers Have Been Restocked

    We also have white bumgenius in stock as well.

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    Date: 9/6/2006
    Title: OH MY!
    Back to school already, wow the summer just seemed a little to short. Even though we had very warm days with no rain, we are starting to slowly cool down here in the 4 States. We are getting up to 85 degree days instead of 103 degrees so that change is very welcome.

    We at For The Monster have been very busy ordering over the Labor Day weekend. You should see the CUTE Wahmies Wet Bags that we have ordered. We also ordered more Wahmies pail liners, more Mommy's Touch and bumGenius diapers.

    As these items arrive I will announce the stocking of these items. We are also proud to announce that we will soon be carrying DRYBEES CLOTH DIAPERS So you definitely want to be watching for the stocking on these. We are hoping to have them in our store by the end of September.

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    Date: 8/6/2006
    Title: Baby Gift Baskets

    Baby Gift Baskets Now At For The Monster

    We have been working hard at adding the newest addition to FTM. We have finally finished adding baby gift baskets!

    If you are looking for a unique and fun gift to send for a new baby or even that first birthday, please take the time and look at out Baby Gift Basket section.

    Baby Gift Baskets

    We have also added new products in the baby gift section Personalized Gifts, and also here as well! Personalized Child's Robe

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    Date: 8/5/2006
    Title: Stacinator Updated
    Wow, I first want to say that I am sorry that I have not updated the color selection for the Stacinator products for so long!

    There are several new color offerings for the So Simple. Here's a link just incase you want to take a peek!


    We have also update the color selection on the Day / Night Stretch Wool covers here is a link for them as well!

    Stretch Wool

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    Date: 7/24/2006
    Title: New Product Added

    Snappi's Have Been Added

    We have added limited amounts of Snappi's to the store. We have more on order if you are waiting to purchase a certain color. So look at our Snappi selection.


    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 7/19/2006
    Title: New Product Coming!

    Snappi's Are Coming!

    The order is in, we will be adding this product up for orders very very soon!

    So if you are needing Snappi's please keep and eye on our Diaper Accessories for the Snappi!

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    Date: 7/17/2006
    Title: Updated Products

    Wahmies Wet Bags, Swaddlebees Aplix and Side Snap Cloth Diapers. Now shows all that is in stock!

    Small fuzzi bunz were added as well.

    Don't forget about the sale on One Size Diapers, Mommy's Touch and bumgenius! Be sure to visit our On Sale page from now until the end of July to find great products at even better prices!

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    Date: 7/13/2006
    Title: Christmas in July

    Christmas in July at For The Monster

    Please look at our sale page weekly as items will be changing! If you see something you would like to have or need off of our sale page you better grab them! Once the week is up that item will not make it back to the sale page again.

    For The Monster hopes that you are having a safe and super fun summer! We also hope to be filling an order for you soon!

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    Date: 5/23/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch


    So we have decided to have a sale on our IN STOCK diapers, this sale will not include diaper packages! To make this an even better sale For The Monster will include a FREE FTM microfiber insert.

    This sale will only take place from today until 5/30/06! So if you have always wanted to try the Mommy's Touch Diaper now is your time to try and save!

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    Date: 5/20/2006
    Title: bumGenius

    bumGenius is at For The Monster

    We were able to order bumGenius FINALLY today! So we have another new addition to the store!

    We have been using our white bumGenius pocket cloth diaper for about a month now. At first we didn't really know if we liked the pocket opening lower inside the diaper with the flap over it. BUT after seeing the diaper in use, I can say that it didn't make a difference. We (I) was just use to having the pocket at the back top of the diaper.

    The bumGenius diaper is easy to use and fits our skinny little tester rather well! Over all I like the diaper, and it is a good addition to our personal stash.

    Please do not take my word for it, purchase on for your little person today! bumGenius

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    Date: 5/19/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch Pocket Diaper


    Mommy's Touch is the only diaper manufacturer to offer such a wide range of colors! For The Monster is waiting on our shipment of diapers to arrive. In this shipment we are going to expand our color offering for the Mommy's Touch solid diapers! So please check back often so you will be sure to get the color you want!

    Click Here To See Mommy's Touch Diapers

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    Date: 5/18/2006
    Title: Mommy's Touch Mama Pads

    Mommy's Touch Mama Pads On Sale Till 5/22/06

    Have you been wanting to try mama cloth? Now is your time to try the new Mommy's Touch Mama Pads.

    You are not stuck with the boring old light colored pads anymore! Come on over and check out our newest arrive to the store. Mommy's Touch Mama Pads

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    Date: 5/12/2006
    Title: Just Talk
    Wow it has been a really fast month her at FTM. We have been busy adding items to our store. We have added Swaddlebees diaper packages to our store. We are slowly working on adding the single products. Along with our new diaper accessories section.

    We will also be working on finishing up our For The Nursery Section We will be adding matching mobile and so much more! For The Monster will have a one stop shop for your Nursery needs.

    Once again if there is a item that For The Monster does not carry and would like to see it offered here, please contact us.

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    Date: 4/12/2006
    Title: Imse Vimse Swim Diapers

    Imse Vimse Swim Diapers and Training Pants

    Are on the site and we are waiting for the shipment to arrive!

    We are very excited to be adding Imse Vimse to the line up of products offered!

    Swim Diapers & Baby Banz

    Potty Training Pants

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    Date: 4/6/2006
    Title: Diaper Packages

    More Color Choices with the Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper

    Are you looking to add a little more color in your cloth diapering world? Mommy's Touch pocket diapers offers you 40 different colors to choose from.

    When you choose to purchase a diaper package of 12 or 24 you will be able to choose from ALL 40 COLORS!

    At this time For The Monster can only offer all 40 colors on the 12 and 24 packs. The diaper packages will be shipped straight from the manufacturer. If you would like a single diaper of a different color than what we have instock please contact us and we will be happy to get the diaper of your choice!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 4/2/2006
    Title: Nursery Items

    Crib Bedding and Moses Baskets

    Wow, look at our newest addition to FTM. We have added Crib Bedding and Moses Baskets! This is a category that will be growing. We have many many matching nursery items to add, so please check back often.

    Please be sure to look at all of our fabric choices to choose your matching nursery, and then also MAKE SURE you look in our diaper bag section to view our MATCHING diaper bags!

    For The Monster wants to become your one stop place to get your monster covered!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 3/24/2006
    Title: Re Stocked
    Wow, this has been a rather busy month for For the monster. We are glad to say that we have many new items in stock and ready to ship straight to you.We have at least one or two more shipments of items coming. So please come back and visit often.


    We have also lowered the price of the Maya Wrap for a limited time, so now would be a good time to get that sling or pouch you have always wanted!

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    Date: 3/17/2006
    Title: Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Packages

    Fuzzi Bunz Diaper Packages

    Now at For The Monster you are able to choose between ALL the colors that Fuzzi Bunz has to offer!

    With this change, all orders that are not in stock will not ship as quickly as in stock items.

    Inserts are 50% off when purchased with the diaper package

    For The Monster is trying to make cloth diapering affordable, and stylish all at the same time.

    So for diapers and insert you will be spending for a

    • 3 pack 54.30
    • 6 pack 100.20
    • 12 pack 193.80
    • 24 pack 387.60
    and as always FREE SHIPPING on Fuzzi Bunz diaper packages
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 3/17/2006
    Title: Updates to Web Site

    LOTS OF ITEMS Restocked

    More on the way! We will be receiving a shipment of Moby Wraps, Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper PRINTS!

    So please come visit the store to see what we have in stock!

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    Date: 3/8/2006
    Title: Organic Baby Blankets

    Organic Baby Blankets Cotton Grown In Texas

    For The Monster is proud to be a retailer for Organic Cotton baby blankets. You will have the choice of 4 sizes and weaves.

    These baby blankets will make an excellent baby shower gift or that special come home in blanket.

    Our blankets are natural in color so they match every outfit your baby has.

    Please look at our blanket selection today!

    Baby Blankets at For The Monster

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    Date: 2/25/2006
    Title: Economy Shipping

    Lower Shipping Prices

    Here at For The Monster we try to take a look at shipping costs, prices within our store to see if we can lower them for you the customer. This time we decided to look at our economy shipping prices! After we went back and took a good look, we have decided to LOWER our shipping prices for Economy! Even though we do have a tiered shipping chart, we were still able to lower the price on all levels.

    So please take a look at our shipping page for our new Economy Shipping prices:
    For The Monster Shipping Page

    We hope that lowering our prices will help you in getting the cloth diapering, and baby items that you are needing or want.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/16/2006
    Title: Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper

    Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper

    Now that we have used the MT one size diaper for well over a month now, we are ready to give it a product review.

    When we first received our diaper we were a little intimidated by all the snaps, which was quickly over come. The Mommy's Touch diaper is just as easy to work with, as the Wonderoos. This diaper having the square tabs seems easier to work with than the rounded tabs. The opening of the pocket seems wider and MUCH easier to stuff.

    Even though we have not had a chance to use this diaper on a newborn, it worked very well for us on a VERY busy 2 year old. The diaper was on the smallest snap settings, because of the childs thin build.

    During testing we did have a little trouble with leaking the first couple of times that the diaper was worn, but after a short conversation with Emily the creator of the Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper, we decided that the diaper was not on correctly. I did what Emily suggested and the diaper has been leak free ever since! I can also say, that the gussets can hold in the ugliest of messes. I was overly impressed with that.

    With over a months worth of use, I can say that this diaper worked for our busy toddler tester, but do not take our word for it, purchase a diaper and try it for yourself. Remember this is a one size diaper, so that means you could possibly only be purchasing one set of diapers for your child - birth to potty training instead of a set of small, medium and Large and possibly extra large.

    Mommy's Touch also makes extender tabs for this diaper (extender tabs sold seperatly), this means that the diaper has the possibility of an extra 4 to 6 inches in the waist. This means that it could be used for a special needs child or a child with bed wetting problems.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 2/5/2006
    Title: Added Wonderoos
    Hello Everyone,

    Here it is February already. Wow time flies when you are having fun. We are starting to receive in shipments of diapers! This is a good thing. We have a good selection of Wonderoos in stock now.

    Exciting NEWS!

    We have spoke with Emily the creator of Mommy's Touch One Size Diaper and she told us that our order of her diapers should be shipping this WEEK!! So, if you are wanting to try this one size diaper, please pre - order now, so not to miss out on the first shipment.

    Also as an introduction to the new Mommy's Touch One Size Diaper, For The Monster is going to offer 5% off Pre Orders. So, take advantage of this savings today, because when the diapers arrive they will go back to regular price.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/9/2006
    Title: Added Proraps
    We have added Prorap Classic Covers in all sizes.
    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/6/2006
    Title: New Happy Heiny's Prints
    I have just added a few Happy Heiny's Prints to the store in small, medium and large!

    If you are looking for a cute day time diaper, or just a new print. Please go check out

    our Happy Heiny's print section.

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 1/1/2006
    Title: Happy New Year!
    Happy New Year!

    Do you have something you would like to see answered the FAQ area? If so please send us an e-mail and we will add it for you.

    For The Monster has been working hard at lining up new items to add through out the year of 2006. So please check back with us often.

    For The Monster wishes you the very best in 2006!

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/27/2005
    Title: Customer Questions

    I am just wondering if there are any products that you would like to see FTM carry?

    As long as it is child related we can add it to our site. For The Monster wants to become your one stop shop to get your monster covered!

    If you do have a suggestion on products please contact us..

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/24/2005
    Title: New Blog Spot
    Welcome to For The Monster Blog spot. You know have a place to keep updated on what is going on around our store.

    We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    We also have another blog at

    «Previous Top  Next»

    Date: 12/24/2005
    Title: Goal for the new year
    I am looking at adding several new vendors this year. More diapers, clothing just to name a few! Please keep a look out for them. If you are a member of the FTM yahoo group, it will be announce there when the new items are added to the store.

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