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  • 8/13/2012
  • 8/10/2012
     New Bummis Pull-On
  • 1/22/2011
     Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds
  • 1/13/2010
     Rockin' Green Laundry and Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • 2/16/2006
     Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper
  • Date: 8/13/2012
    Title: GroVia

    GroVia Diaper Rx Laundry Treatment

    Have you heard of the GroVia Diaper Rx It really is a prescrption for your stinky diapers! How do I know this? I tried it for myself and it works!

    We have some potty training regression going on at our house at night. So we pulled out our trusty FuzziBunz XL. Wow the first morning that my son had wet in his diaper, I could smell him, before I actually saw him. This meant ALL the diapers were headed to the washer! I read the instructions, it took me a minute to figure out you have to throw the whole pac into the washer. It does dissolve away in the wash.

    After they came out of the dryer they didn't have a small funk to them, they had NO SMELL! The next morning, my child didn't smell either, he had just a wet diaper, that's it.

    I am very happy with my first time results with GroVia Rx. If you are fighting ammonia smell in your diapers, or need to strip your diapers, then the GroVia Rx is just what you are looking for. YOU SHOULD ONLY USE THIS PRODUCT EVERY 6 - 8 WEEKS.

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    Date: 8/10/2012
    Title: New Bummis Pull-On

    Pull-On by Bummis

    The new upgraded Whisper Pant

    The new Pull-On by Bummis (BUM_MEEZ) is the newest addition to their line up of products. With the original Whisper Pant in mind they built an even better product with the Pull-On. The Pull-On pant is now made with PUL on the inside of the pant to help contain leaks, and they now come in COLORS where before you only could choose white.

    Best of all the Pull-On is still as trim as it's predecessor.  This means that you can use it as a diaper cover, or even for Potty Training. All you have to do is put your child's big kid pants on and pull these over the top to help with containing the mess.

    The new Pull-On by Bummis are only 6.50 each.

    The Pull-On by Bummis can be used in several
    different ways.

    1. It can be used as a diaper cover over your favorite fitted cloth diaper, or even over a prefold with a Snappi. The cover is generous enough in size that it should fit over any fitted you may use.
    2. There is no elastic in the binding, this makes for a comfortable fit.
    3. Stretchy Lycra bindings prevent leaks and are soft to baby's skin

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    Date: 1/22/2011
    Title: Thirsties Duo Fab Fitteds

    Thirsties New Duo Fab Fitted Cloth Diapers

    It is no secret that I am a pocket diaper loving mama! I ordered the Duo Fab Fitteds because I was getting many requests for them DAILY!! Once these came in I wanted to try them on Andrew...I did a couple of blog posts on what my review was all about.

    Our Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Review

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    Date: 1/13/2010
    Title: Rockin' Green Laundry and Cloth Diaper Detergent

    Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

    I have to start out and say, this detergent is AWSOME! We had been reading great reviews all over the internet about this detergent and what caught our eye, is that it is a cloth diaper detergent as well.

    Like some, we were experiencing stink issues with my son's cloth diapers, so we tried the Rockin' Green soap. First we ordered a few samples, went back and ordered a few more samples, and then ordered the "Rockin Green Bundle". That was it; we were HOOKED!

    We followed the soak instructions for the first time use, and by the second time we washed in the Rockin Green detergent we noticed our smell issues were gone/going away! Our diapers will be washed in Rockin Green from now on!

    Rockin’ Green comes in several different formulas- so there is something for everyone!
    • Soft- this formula is designed for those that have sensitive little ones or soft water.
    • Classic- this is the original formula, and is great for those with moderate hard water, or just those that are battling with stinkies. Comes in unscented and scented varieties.
    • Hard- (coming in 2010!) This formula is designed for the most troubling of water types.
    All Rockin’ Green formulas are designed with the same great ingredients, and work for all water types. Most people do great with the Classic formula, so when in doubt start off with that formula.Rockin’ Green is:
    • Dye free
    • Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin)
    • No fillers
    • No enzymes or optical brighteners
    • 100% Phosphate free
    • Contains natural disinfectants
    • Vegan
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Easy rinsing formula
    • Approved for military use
    • Works wonders on microfiber stink!
    • Perfect for cloth diapers
    • HE compatible
    • Reusable packaging
    • Great for all water types
    • Economical at .13 cents a load!
    Rockin Green does come in many YUMMY scents, but do know it rinses clean so that you have NO residue or scent left on your diapers you only have clean smelling diapers! We wash our diapers in Grape Soda!

    Check our Rockin Green at For the Monster!

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    Date: 2/16/2006
    Title: Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper

    Review of Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper

    Now that we have used the MT one size diaper for well over a month now, we are ready to give it a product review.

    When we first received our diaper we were a little intimidated by all the snaps, which was quickly over come. The Mommy's Touch diaper is just as easy to work with, as the Wonderoos. This diaper having the square tabs seems easier to work with than the rounded tabs. The opening of the pocket seems wider and MUCH easier to stuff.

    Even though we have not had a chance to use this diaper on a newborn, it worked very well for us on a VERY busy 2 year old. The diaper was on the smallest snap settings, because of the childs thin build.

    During testing we did have a little trouble with leaking the first couple of times that the diaper was worn, but after a short conversation with Emily the creator of the Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diaper, we decided that the diaper was not on correctly. I did what Emily suggested and the diaper has been leak free ever since! I can also say, that the gussets can hold in the ugliest of messes. I was overly impressed with that.

    With over a months worth of use, I can say that this diaper worked for our busy toddler tester, but do not take our word for it, purchase a diaper and try it for yourself. Remember this is a one size diaper, so that means you could possibly only be purchasing one set of diapers for your child - birth to potty training instead of a set of small, medium and Large and possibly extra large.

    Mommy's Touch also makes extender tabs for this diaper (extender tabs sold seperatly), this means that the diaper has the possibility of an extra 4 to 6 inches in the waist. This means that it could be used for a special needs child or a child with bed wetting problems.

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